The Perils of Power (PvE-C) - A Story Driven RP Adventure

Good morning you unwashed masses of the Exiled Lands. Just a simple bump to start the day.
May Crom keep you safe today.

We have another action packed weekend coming folks! More events, more danger, more ridiculous…we got it all :smiley:

We’re finally working in more RP storyline and quests. In two weeks time we have our next scheduled RP event with the irreverent Bahrgur the Mystic. Come and join the mystery, horror, and hilarity!

Tonight, my beautiful Queen will be holding her barrel racing contest. Now this should be interesting.

Have you ever played dodgeball? Well hell, most of us have, in one form or another. But have you ever played it with metal rings that have been sharpened to a razors’ edge? Has your life ever truly been on the line? Well join us for the blood sport of kings…
Evade Ring

Tomorrow night, chapter 2 begins as our hero’s attempt to unravel the mystery of a strange, new object.

(edits quietly in the night) psst, hey buddy, we’re actually back up and running now

With everything back to normal (more or less anyway), we are once more pushing forward with our events! This Friday we have a community favorite…

This Saturday evening will see the triumphant return of the great mystic Bahrgur…

And, as always, Sunday night is Fight Club!

Greetings! Just a friendly reminder that we’re always open and looking for new peeps. Come check us out today!

We’ve just crowned our new Robin Hood! Next up for tomorrow…

We’ve got one of our new events this weekend, which is very quickly becoming a favorite.

There’s only one way to truly experience the Exiled Lands and that’s on the back of some strange azz creature that would normally be trying to eat your face!

This Wednesday we begin our new, weekly RP event/get together.