The periple "purge defense" cannot be validated

Plate-forme : PlayStation 5
Type de problème : Gameplay
Mode de jeu : privé en ligne
Type de serveur : PvE
Carte : Terres exilées
Nom du serveur : LFL

Description du bogue :

“purge defense” ne peut pas être validé

Reproduction des insectes :Hello, while I carry out the “Deputy Department” travel periple. Steps 1 and 2 Declange a purge and assimate a purge NPC »On Fonctinner normally. At the end of the purge, the Step3 “Surviving a purge” Do not know how to validate, I therefore put the NPC in the wheel of Sufrance without activating this one. Up to the following purge the Stage 3 has finally been taken in Account but after having enslaved the PNJ of purge capturing during the previous purge the Step 4 “enslave a purge NPC” does not work. I am on a private server with a PS5. Since this mesavent I have suffered at least two purge or jet assoming and then enslaved on the wheel of the soufranc several NPCs without results the final stable of the periple “purge defense” cannot be validated

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