The Pictish Bone Armor,

Conan Exiles needs the Bone Armor!, It makes little sense, being able to craft the bone shield but not the armor. In Age of Conan there was one available, it dropped from Pict opponents in the starting zone, and it looked Barbaric as hell!!!


Last DevStream, we got to ask a few questions of the developers. One of them included a question from me: Specifically about obsidian and bone weapons and armor! They sort of nodded, quietly and subtly, with a mile-long gaze, and said “Watch this space…”

I think that those weapons are going to be in the game, but they haven’t been announced by marketing yet. That would explain their hesitancy to talk about it any further than the hint of a nod.


Instead of “Watch this space…”…
Get your hands on some admin right with this crashy testlive version and take a peek into that menu…

Also I am really happy with the diversity of clothes/armor. Also the obsidian weapons/tools have been included. Seem to be t3/t4 though (if starmetal was t3).
But… golden nipple stickers… Really? :joy:

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Hey! They’re called Nipple-Plate, and the protect even the most sensitive of nipples!

I agree, the new armor and weapons look awesome, and the wide variety of legendary weapons should help keep things feeling different. Pretty sure that obsidian is not going to be a ‘recovery tier’ though.