The players use it so much that I'm already in doubt if it really is bug!

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  1. Infinite race with pick and shield!
  2. Base under the ground!
  3. Duplicate items in vaults!
  4. player that disappears at fight time! (when they are holding the spear).

These are the ones I know at least!
Players use it so much for so long that I really doubt it and that’s part of the game, due to ■■■■■■’s neglect of these BUGs.

Just look on youtober any of these problems you will see!

I have the game on the computer and also bought on PS4 thinking that these problems would not extend on this platform! But I was mistaken!

I like the game very much, but I’m getting worn out with this neglect!

Please give your players more respect!

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I have never heard about 1&4, but I’m pretty sure that 3 has been fixed a few months ago. Have you tried or seen in game? Or just on YouTube? These videos could be older. And now to the base spots you talked about in 2: Many have been fixed, keep reporting these if you know any.

Edit: I said “you talked about in 4” instead of “you talked about in 2”

3 was not fixed, so much so that we still see many players logging in near the server restart! If you know how you do then you must understand what I am talking about!
1 and 4 just look on youtube!

but of all that annoys me the most and the base under the ground

You’re sure? I found nothing for 4. The only things I found for 1 are videos that are at least 8 months old.

Do you know for sure that they duplicate or do you just see them relogging?

Hello @Maks_Symyllyanno, we’ve had to unlist and lock this post as posting about exploits is not acceptable:

Also, please only report one issue per thread as requested in our bug hunter guide:

We actively deal with undermesh spots that are reported to us privately, and most dupe methods have been addressed as well. If you have any information about a certain exploit, including evidence of its use or steps to reproduce it, please DM either me or @Ignasi rather than post about it, thank you for understanding.

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