The positive side

Hey Exiles,

having played like almost alone last weeks, most servers are desolated, i must say besides lots of buggies wich surely will be dealt with in time, there is imo a positive side to the last update, and the game overall by default.

The game has more feel, it already had a nice atmosphere but now its even better.

I really feel the creative touch of the devs and creators in lots of places and i love it and respect the CE team for trying to translate that to us gamers. Like its a kinda personal connection.

It’s very creative and has a very high level of detail in it, which cannot be easy and takes lots of work and love for the game.

That realisation made me type this post. A bit mooshy but so be it.

Credit where credit is due, and else almost all is about bugs and ranting etc…

Me too, and the forum is here for that reason, but this is the other side of what i feel and mayby its not fair to only display the negative part of my/ our experience with the evolution of this game.

Same goes for my fellow Exiles who stayed trough rough times and still are lol, respect my friends, and we can be proud players on a game we really made ours the last years.

Now we are the Royal CE’s, hah, we deserved that :slight_smile:

Have a great day and enjoy the final release 8 may!


Oh I agree. Somethings like archery irritates me, but overall, the game is freaking awesome.

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