The price of the game

In my opinion I think the game is great, the graphics, NPC, ETC. But the only thing I think they need to change is the price for the game. 50$ just seems a little bit to much, or just at least add discounts to the game more often.

Really? The vast majority of games are $59.99, I’d say this is a very good price point for what you get.

There was a 25% discount all of EA, to be fair you were just late to the party, they did announce the price raise a bit before they did it too. Eventually they will have a sale but I doubt within 3 weeks of release. But yea compared to the normal 60$ ‘AAA’ price it isn’t that bad at the moment.

$50 for the amount of bugs is pretty steep.

I haven’t encountered any.

I was thinking the same, must be on console to be honest they have been riddled with it, but that’s from the port being off I assume.

I got my key for 18$ a year ago

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