The private server that i play on is gone is there any way to check if it's just down for maintenance or if it's been deleted?

The server is called “Survival By Lion” it’s a 65 slot server that I’ve been playing on since last week and now it’s gone from the server list when I search for it, this happened once last week but that was only for a few hours, this has been gone since yesterday. Please help.

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If I click on play online it gives me a pop up almost immediately that tells me I need to connect to play station network and kicks me back to main menu only to repeat so i can’t pick my server. Aside from the fact I’ve been playing this game since the day it came out and now I’m stuck out of my server that has 10 new people on it every day this is getting out of hand and is frankly pathetic, if you were aware of the game going free then they should of planned ahead, make more servers, or up the max number on a server.

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Unfortunately we cannot give you a solution for this problem. You should either contact G-Portal and see if the server is gone for good, or try to track down the admin of that server and ask them about this situation.

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