"The Purge" Achievement


You do not need to kill the water golem hidden underneath the plywood to complete this achievement.


Most people. At least, most who have tried which is… well, probably still most people. I got it the first day of the content being out, on my second trip through the missions.

Just come up with an imaginary grid and run STRAIGHT LINES from East to West, one side to the other. Move just a little bit South when you hit the wall and keep going until you’re certain you’ve cleared everything. Then just hang around near the respawning hyenas and clear them out until you have the achievement. It’s… really simple.


I have on more than one occasion helped someone who got the achievement without having done that side mission. It is not required, unless it is only required that one member of the party has ever completed the mission on a previous day.

p.s.: That said, it’s a fun mission, do it anyway!


I’m 90% sure I didn’t have the side mission or kill that enemy when I got The Purge achieve. I remember wondering if I needed it, then figuring I’d go back and get it if nothing else worked, but almost positive it worked without that one.

EDIT: I had previously completed that one though, on the offchance that affected it.


The time I had DLU on CD and methodically went through each section and major area I could not get The Purge. When I said Zog dis ya runty gitz and came back the next day and did DLU I got it after clearing out the respawning green Heynas.

Looks at Onevia’s comment, hurls bricks I really need to invest in leveling a rifle for Rolfstomp level content and stick to my main guns otherwise.


You really dont need this quest. I made the Purge on my all 3 chars. It seems you were not methodical enough :slight_smile:


If any of you have problems getting this achievement then please refer to the bit that I’ve quoted here. It contains the exact problem.


Speaking of being methodical, you should take the time to make sure all targetable flying wildlife have been take care of. I took note of the respawning blue and green hyenas as discussed in both Reddit and now this forum but it turned out it was the kongamotos that had been denying me the achievement.


Also noting: MAKE SURE all the locusts are dead. I had a -single- locust somehow avoid all my AOEs and hide in the green stuff and I assumed I was just missing konogamotos or timing the respawns badly or… but nope. No. It was.a.single.locust. I have NO idea how it survived by itself in there… but that was my slip up. So really, yes, it all goes back to being methodical. I also, personally, prefer the chasing the matriarch to the wall just because it helps things feel less messy. Since then, I’ve helped two other people complete it (at different times), so it is very doable.


Thanks to Withoutscratch I finally got The Purge achievement. Withoutscratch grouped with me and we ran around killing but it still wasn’t popping. There was a spot where I’d get loud combat music but nothing around. Withoutscratch had me leave the instance and come back. After that the spot where the combat music was quiet. We killed a few after that and the achievement popped. I’m thinking there was a bugged mob aggroed on me under the ground and me leaving the instance made it despawn. Thanks again so much Withoutscratch for all your help. :slight_smile: