The Purge cant climb


A bit more information? Sure…

I was excited to hear the purge alert having just completed a large (for me) fort in the north. I checked the map and saw the dafari horde was attacking what looked like a random spot by the west river. Time passed with no new alerts.

Frustrated I broke a self imposed rule and admin jumped to see what was going on. I found the lot of them milling about the bottom of a staircase someone had built on the cliff side. They had broken the ground level stairs and then had no idea what to do. At least not until they saw me.

So I killed that bunch and waited for the second wave. Eventually they came pouring out of the hill as if they had emerged from the rock itself (yep…) This time I climbed up to the intact parts of the stairs. Aside from a few archers, most of them lost interest.

Maybe one day they will stop playing with the stairs and visit my base. in the meantime I really hope Funcom is working to teach thralls how to climb.

thought I was posting this in General. oh well.

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:thinking:So we can find them everywhere but on the ground? That would take us back to the beginning of EA type broke game. They can barely attack stuff now, if they climb that’s where they’ll be, all thralls across the map, up high never to aggro again to anyone not up there! On the flip side the resource harvesting would be a snap. Thralls can barely do one thing and they loose interest as you said pretty easy with this game…

Fair point. Its why, when/ if they teach them how to climb, they teach them how to get back down and move on.

The point I was trying (poorly) to make is that purges are pooling around structures on cliff sides and doing a lot of nothing. They need to be able to climb up, wreck that stuff and move on to other things - like my base.

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