The purge hates me the mostest!

I am in a clan. There are three of us in total. While I am confident in my defenses it seems like every beasty in the free universe wants a chunk of my base.

My clanmates are awesome and defend even when I cant. I work early mornings so 9:00pm est time is pretty much my bed time.

Thing is…my clan members have amazing bases. Not saying I want them attacked. But wondering why I seem to be everyones favorite place to blow up.

These are the things I have considdered.

  1. I like decorating. While I might not have 12 furnaces, wood working stations or smiths. I have gone a little nuts with decorations. If they were to make a decoration thrall they could name it after my character. Essentially I have a lot of placeables.

  2. I built in the cave near the Spillway. I wanted a pet ghost. The one that crumbles down because it used to be a ghostwall before the highlands popped up.

Made it to a glamerous bar and tavern.

Seems undead dragons are all about prohibition or something.

  1. Other than that I did build a Spooky house above the Spillway cave. And added archer defense in the valley behind.

Overall. My clanmates have amazing homes designed to decimate foes.

But the game really hates my house!

How does this work?


I’m not sure why, but once the purge decides on a base, it seems to keep attacking it time after time. There have been changed made to the purge in the patch which is expected to hit sometime soon (Just don’t ask exactly when). Maybe when it finally arrives, the undead dragon will get of the prohibition bandwagon, and go harass your friends for a change.

If they are your friends, then you should not want them to be attacked. You’re providing a valuable service in defense of your friends. As long as the Purge is targeting you, your friends will be safe.

I feel your pain. I had a "base’ that consisted of nothing but two shellfish traps and a few nearby foundations. Every purge, that was what was attacked and not my large base in the jungle, nor any nearby huge crummy sandstone base. It wasn’t until they demolished that “base” … err … location that my main base got attacked. But still, those monstrous sandstone bases still stand.

This may actually be (part of, or entirely) your problem. Every item placed increases your risk to attract a Purge (assuming you/your clan is eligible) to your base specifically.

Think the difference between attacking a frontier fort vs a lavishly decorated palace: the latter offers much greater spoils!

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Tragic really. I really like having a pretty cool base with lots of cool things in it. I hate when I just see hollow structures with nothing in them.

But if I need do just have an empty cave I guess I’ll have to remove my placeables

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Oh I wouldn’t suggest that, decorating one’s base is 50% of the enjoyment of this game, but obviously the location of your base determines how much of a threat each Purge is. Undead Dragons are a far bigger deal than a swarm of naked pirates, after all.

In any case it should be possible to place guards (human or animal) to deal with them - but YMMV, as always.

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I had a foundation stuck half way up a mountain (which I shoved there myself when trying to climb it).

I got 3 purges trying to attack that foundation. This while i had 2 other bases, one being huge, the other base has dozens and dozens of decorations.

Got sick of purges attacking that foundation, so I managed to get rid of it (well my gf did, i kept dying trying to get it…lol).

Now the base with tons of decorations gets attacked (which is cool cause I can get to it, and join the fun now). So the theory that more decorations = base that gets attacked can’t be true…

However, after new patch that should be true with the new points system :smiley:

More likely to be attacked, it’s not a guarantee that it will be targeted.

Well so far “more likely” was my foundation getting attacked 100% until I took it down (may have been more than 3 times, was at least 3). I am pretty sure purge is broken no matter how you look at it. My smallest base now gets attacked. I have a purge coming up tomorrow. I am sure it will be my smallest base again…lol. It got targeted last time, so I am guessing it will get targeted again. If thats true the “more likely” statement doesn’t seem to hold true. Its about a 10th the size of my largest base.

Seems to get stuck on one place once it works. I do admit I have a few decorations at that base. But even still, if building parts are counted my largest base is about 10 times the size of the one that got targeted last time.

Will see tomorrow.

EDIT: I do have another base at the snow, but its larger in size than the one I think will get targeted, but has less objects. So will be interesting to see which base gets hit.

I am not saying size/level of decoration is the sole determiner, so be careful to draw too many conclusions from a small sample size. All I’m saying is that it plays a role. That said, Purges on my server (official) have been completely missing in action for several months now, for my character anyway, so I can’t say with any authority how they work these days.

That’s my point. I can’t draw any conclusions from what I have been experiencing from purges. I can’t work out a system.

When someone says “more likely” and it hasn’t happened once since I have been playing, it makes me conclude that either I am a special case, or the “more likely” assertion is mistaken.

Given I have only played 333 hours to date, so I am not that experienced. So I am just relating what I have experienced personally and that it doesn’t match up with the scenario in this thread.

I have upped my defenses. Unfortunately I had to put some fensing around it. Generally I waa going for the “Dock City” feel in the Hobbit Trilogy.

But it turns out undead dragons would rather attack that structure rather than actually attack a keep or a castle.

I’m planning to build a smaller base away from it. But with the purge I need to be near the main structure. And it is nowhere near an obilisk.

We will see. A purge Will no doubt hit tomorrow. So I need to be on point.

You are correct though. I really enjoy adding decor items and making the place look and feel like something. Rather than a hollow shell

Just a quick FYI. I got another purge today, and its the same smallest base that got attacked last time.

In summary, I had my main base get attacked in highlands. Then 3 x they attacked a foundation stuck on the side of a mountain. When we removed that the purge moved to my desert base near the pirate ship. This last attack was same place, pirate ship base.

I can’t really guess how its picking the base, but that is my smallest base. To me it just seems totally random with a high likely hood it attacks the same base once it picks a place.

Thats all since i have been playing the game. I am at around 340hrs so far.

EDIT: But as stated it all changes once the patch goes through

Well. I have addes enough pets and thralls to hopefully combat it if it does happen. Aiming for a lot of firepower. Hopefully that Will take them down. Pets seem more active and plentiful. So I am hoping my pack of wolves will ease some of the burden.

Lets wait and see.

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