The purge is a frustrating mechanic



YEP 100% true.
That’s why i’m taking care about never placing foundations near wheels of pain, fish traps…etc, all those placeables that i have on the map but are not bases are placed directly on the ground itself…
But you will agree with me that most bases, i mean “true bases” do have foundations. If you try to trick the purge system with pilars + ceilings only, yes you won’t get purged, but how many players are doing that for this very purpose?

Anyway there will be always flaws in video games that some or many players will enjoy to use at their advantage.
personnally i like the way it is scripted with purges about foundations and “non foundations” building pieces, i don’t want my wheels of pain and fish traps to get purged, this is not fun.


I’ve also actually been purged BEFORE the first bar, when OFFLINE. The day right after I got an online purge after waiting for over a month.

Anecdotal evidence as it is, I’m pretty convinced by this and other stories on my server that purges TARGET offline people. What a dumb design choice.


That’s entirely possible. I am offline for much of the purge time. Usually on for the opening of the window. And I get nailed consistently and before my purge bar is even full.


I was playing on a private server that had purges supposedly set to only work when any one player is online. So you expect if no one online, then no purge, right? Wrong. Was in game earlier in the day, came back later to find the base mostly gone, was in a T1 area and didn’t even have a full 1st lvl of Purge meter, confirmed no one else had logged into the game, yet still got hit by it.

See that’s the other thing, the Purge is a random event that targets anyone that is supposed to have enough Purge meter to meet a minimum threshold for becoming a target. So even when one person is online on a server, other players can have their base targeted by an offline Purge because it does not solely target the online player - in fact if the online player just started and has no real Purge meter to speak of, then it most definitely is going after the offline player base. That is the dumbest move ever.

The Purge is bugged, and the settings don’t actually behave the way they are stated to work. Until they fix it, they should disable it entirely. And I’m suspecting that if the server has someone in spectator mode (that is an administrator thing) it counts as online and enable the purges, so that would suggest that Funcom make it so that spectators should not count as part of server activity.


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