The PURGE! Video series

So I’ve started a series on the Purge. In the series my goal is to spawn every purge and see what it does, what enemies, including named thralls come in the purge and what it takes to defend against the Purge. I will be livestreaming every Wednesday with a new build location and new purges spawning in. The goal of the series it to learn everything that we can about the Purge. With that said if you have specific questions or suggestions for future videos in this series you can leave them here or in the comments on the videos. We had 3 Purges in the Live-Stream today. A Swarm of Imps, A Band of Starved Exiles, and A Horde of Darfari Cannibals.

I won’t upload every video to this thread but I will update it with what purges come in each episode so if you are looking to see a specific purge check back for that info in this thread. Instead of every video being uploaded here I will just give you a link to the playlist so that you can pick which video you want to watch. I’m looking forward to this series it’s going to be a lot of fun to produce.


Oh this does sound fun. I will have to think about how I can get it all organized.


Watched the first one last night

Your thralls just destroyed the poor imps - they didn’t even get a chance!



Probably be like that for a little while but I have a feeling toward the end of the series it will be a drastically different story. These defenses will not be good enough for some of the northern purges even the eastern purges like snakes in the jungle.

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Yes definitely looking forward to those :smiley:

The purge got a bit crazy in today’s live stream. We got he following purges and one of them blew through my thralls and my pets then destroyed the base. It was awesome to watch and taught me not to underestimate what purges you can get at the River. Wow so much fun learning with all you beautiful people.

The Followers of Asura
A Cackle of Hyenas
A Bask of Lizards


New video in the playlist highlighting cultists


This one is interesting. I did this video on test live.

Testlive Purge, Follower Commands | Conan Exiles 2020