The purple Cutscene in the Public Raid Instance

As title said - this just happened…
Very odd indeed and quite freaky - they all had whited eyes and didn’t blink, i checked my coffee - nothing untoward had been added (i don’t think)
It was the full Blue Mountain cutscene as i entered the raid portal, with full camera movement descending down to reveal “The Purple People” - with the full dialogue…

Sadly - afterwards i was ported out of the public raid and given the “you have abandoned the purple people” debuff :frowning:


No more peyote for you!

Legend has it, the next time you see the purple people will be in your dreams…before they devour your soul :thinking:

Wbanaki don’t eat people’s souls silly.

ahhh, but the Purpanaki do!

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Looks like rotascoping. I find mself oddly wanting to see more of this.

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Careful what you wish for (but I know what you mean :slight_smile: )

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Hints at an upcoming public raid boss?

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If we get a massively oversized Phoenician agent as the new Agartha public raid Mega Boss - imma die

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Happened again just now while i was standing at the bank in Agartha - this time - no purple


Have you disturbed any spirits lately? I mean, I know it’s your job and all…

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:open_mouth: Well someone did sit in the LoneMonkey’s spot in Agartha, he died there. That’s right above the banks and auctioneers. He returned in essence form… Reanimated for a while… - All he ever wanted was a tail and a banana.

Requiescat in pace