The PVE Builder

Or have thralls and defens egnuff to just kill the boss as a servis.

But you forget a important thing from the history, it was a comin practis by trolls to kite bosses and orb trowes to raid players in pve-c so at that time it was the thing to do to not geting wiped and sent to the desert.

Sometimes dont matter how strong your thralls is.If no player wery close to fight-thralls dont deal any damage to boss or mobs.But are receiving damage.Game mechanic bug.

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Yes and even if its alot beather now, thrall not alwayes aggro corect.

For what it’s worth, I would never report your base - I’ve seen some of the pictures you’ve posted and it’s beautiful (plus, the Rhino King sucks, who needs him anyway :wink: ). That said, you’re right and the situation definitely has potential to go badly for you. If you can last till 2.6 comes out, the new pick-up system would mean you could potentially move the ‘offending’ part of your base, without it costing you the resources (though be aware that the ‘pick-up other pieces on top’ part of the feature that Dennis mentioned in the livestream is not yet implemented, so you need to pick up one at a time). You still wind up with the heartache of having to pull down something that was already ‘right’ - but at least that would be better than the alternative :frowning:

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You do realize there is a hotkey for that right? You aim at the building, press it and the building poofs.

Unfortunately that still takes time. They still need to go to the area, ID the building as being part of the clan, and then use the hotkey. Its not as efficient as modded servers unfortunately.

I did not know there was a hotkey for that. But the way you said

made me think you were saying they deleted the bases piece by piece. If that’s not what you meant, then it was just a misunderstanding.

‘Real life’ is handled very similarly with Judges and Commissioners officiating for us. Offenders pay the price for breaking the rules, although, the price varies depending on the rule/law broken. You act as though I came up with a new way to torture innocent players through some innate devious nature that is unthinkable.

Again, this is something every player is advised of and must acknowledge upon logging into an official server. Burying their head in the sand and refusing to read the rules is a choice they’re making and does NOT make them immune to the consequences.

There is a clan on the current Siptah server where I am stranded, who was recently banned. They are very nice people and I consider them friends. They had a nice build on the Violet Isle but another clan started building on the outskirts of the isle which prohibited their expansion. The dispute grew, and my friends’ clan was reported for claim spam by the other clan, which resulted in a one-week ban. They are not malicious people, nor are they toxic in any way, but they took the dispute too far and broke the rules. They needed to feel the repercussions of their actions or they may have continued to think their actions were acceptable.

Funcom’s past inaction is what’s causing a bit of confusion, people are now getting in trouble for things that they have been doing (without consequences) for years. Because they gave not gotten in trouble for something in the past they think the rules have changed. The rules have not changed with this updated posting. FC has simply made the rules more clear, as well as ‘warned’ everyone that they will no longer turn a blind eye to these infractions.

Funcom did warn them and everyone else, including my friends’ clan. On a side note, when my friends’ clan returned after serving their time, I helped them rebuild and I suspect they will not be making that mistake again anytime soon.

Feel free to, some lessons are hard learned.


Funcom made the rules clear in writing a long time ago, however, they took a laissez-faire approach to governing their servers, which resulted in people now thinking they can break the rules without repercussion.

I take minor issue with this for several reasons.

  • First of all, it is not dependent on a law being unclear that grants us this common human right.

  • Secondly, laws are commonly unclear (to a lay-person), which is precisely why most of us require a lawyer to represent our interests in court.

  • Lastly, the notion of being ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’ was designed to prevent an individual or group from being railroaded to jail or prison. This doesn’t apply, as we are talking about Funcom’s private servers, where Funcom makes the rules and the only consequence for breaking these rules is that a person can no longer play on Funcom’s servers. Funcom isn’t taking away the game or the ability to play on other private servers or any other equivalent of jail/prison time.

I agree that they shouldn’t make exceptions and according to the rules they don’t plan to. However Funcom did tell them Sept 13th, by posting the updated rules 14 days prior to enforcing them:

On September 27, 2021, we will start enforcing these updated rules on our Official Servers.

Okay, let’s perform a small exercise for a moment. If I were to change my mind and agree that the rules regarding building size are unclear, how would you change it to make it more clear without setting any specific number as a limit?

To be clear, setting a specific number of pieces as a limit would not accomplish Funcom’s ultimate goal in enforcing these rules. The goal being to increase server performance and thereby increase players’ experience. A specific limit would have to include all placeables (torches and decor) in order to be effective. It would also need to be unreasonably low and would be much easier to abuse than the way the rules are currently written. I’m sure we can agree that a limit like 200 total building pieces and placeables (combined) would make for an unreasonable limit. However, someone could still throw 180 witchfire torches in a small shack and regardless of the lag they might cause they would not be breaking the rules.

The portion of rules in question is under the section: ‘Official Server Building Restrictions’ and states:

Some specific cases where we will act when made aware:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources and other areas of the game.

  • Abuse of the claim system where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to resources and building spots.

  • Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

I’m guessing it is the third bullet that you deem unclear. So please, tell me how it can be made more clear without listing a hard number. I will keep an open mind in this experiment.

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Sorry for the bad writing, the translator in this forum is doing nothing at all :frowning:

Funcom has not learned any of its mistakes and will wipe itself out with its actions. One of my online friends says he has been banned forever for no reason.

With its actions, Funcom gets eternal enemies who will never buy any of the products of that virus again and tell all their friends about their treatment.

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He say no reason.But maybe he say not all truth.Or maybe he dont know.Here is option to write in zendesk and ask for reason he are banned


I went there to visit the server in the summer and then I noticed that there are a lot of big bases out there that interfere with the operation of the server. I toured the server for a while and also researched my friend’s base, it was by no means particularly big and didn’t block the rectification like sticks, trees and rocks.

You really don’t think on this forum that Funcom will be hostile to long-playing players before the bans hit their own place.

If you look here all komments-you find many who state herself as innocent and punished with no reason.Perfect example is 1040 server situation.Destroyed 3 bases.All with real reason.I suggest to your friend ask on zendesk about ban


Zendesk is mostly a very bad joke, you’ll notice it when you actually get the band for the first time. And everyone who builds a slightly bigger base on the official server gets the ban when some novice unlucky player who starts an unfortunate game happens to complain about it.
On top of all that, Zendesk is very awkward to use and Funcom answers questions very nimbly, arrogantly and without saying anything.

What was all reasons? 1 was because blocking boss and other 2 because what? That server is working very badly, it takes 5 minutes to download door even if you live in small sandstone base. Server fps drops badly and server ping is over 300 many times. NPC:s are flying etc. And this is also after those bases was destroyed. I hoped that now something is changed but no. And there is still huge bases left blocking boss and resources, so no those rules are not clear.

You know reason why you report those but you don’t know more about it. You thought they are too big and to you laggy and that’s all. No effect to server performance at all, sadly. I can’t even play there because it’s so horrible to try even log in and wait you can go out of your base.

Well the boss spawn and wall off part is clear but not the to big, to mutch lag and resourse spawningblocks is far from clear, realy fussy …

Yes spec on thos spec parts and when they can extend the none build areas and only blow thos parts they shud do that first to.

But when the nuke have droped its alredy to late! Its alredy game over by then!

At first im not report nobody in 1040.Do that in another server-yes.But not there.One base blocks boss.Another build on savanna blocks most elephant spawns and many more.Try do heavy perfect padding without elephant skin.And last and biggest have very big performance issues.Maybe i miss some reasons-but thats is enough.
And yes,server works wery bad.i play before on many servers but this one is real scrap.Need some cleaning again.Even maybe undermesh.
Whats about other big bases -nobody start investigation and bans untill somebody not report.Funcom not have admins and time for look on every server.They have 1000+ servers

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I remember when my server had walls and thralls everywher and alot of massiv bases and now the server is almost empty and i can hartdly notist any change. Exept from that the server is almost empty and feals as a singel play server.