The PVE Builder

Yes rules work, yesterday in server i play one base got teared down everyone now celebrate running naked and full bellies of booze, almost same celebration when berlin wall got teared down, finally we can pass beach without fps drops and so on :smiley: 20 floor big foundation cube wall is gone

in short - new rules are BEST thing since siptah launch :smiley: i am still hyped, even did not cared about that in other server because of stability loss my base got looted by someone who noticed stability loss :smiley:


No they kinda suck, when they are so unspecific, what its to nutch and what resoueses and content is on the wrong side if the border…

Or to do the rules hardore you will be baned direct when you build somthing anyvher sins by do that you will blick a stone or a tree or some other plan´s or animal spawn.

No screenshots of the great celebration? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t get me wrong, new rules have potential… majority of last 2 and half years, all of sepermeru has been walled off by a couple different trolls, had obelisks completely walled off with fences and spikes at the top, had people wall around others bases with thousands of torches, at 1 point entire volcano was inaccessible, I do see some merit, I’ve heard of players having a base span a quarter of the map on other servers etc.

But the trolls are no longer on our server, no one has anything walled off, no one has a base even as big as a single grid square, server is sparsely populated, yet lag is bad enough game is largely unplayable and bases already getting wiped.

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Honestly I love this post. You could’ve said anything, but you got me with “fluffy.”

I agree there should be less fluff in the rules. My hope is that with a new revision comes a better-defined ruleset. Right now I’m building a very friendly Snak Shak to welcome new players. It would be a shame if this place violates the fluffy rules, simply because it’s attached to a slender-but-stately gorge-spanning bridge.


Did not thinked about it but they owner of wall was veery angry, cursed whole game and called admins/devs in bad words before ragequit, but thing is one - rules work, i again can pass elephant spawn without FPS drops and see ocean from leyshrine :smiley: thats cool :smiley:

For @Masmassu
I wont upload exaple screens again , but there was already question about this where i added 2 examples, my building that is BIG but okay because fps is 50-60 and one foundation spammer building on 2 grids where if u go nearby u even get fatal error because that thing does not even renders in…

Use common sense to build
Like thing if others maybe dont want to use some shortcut…
If u build like bridge that connects 2 sides of hard reachable thing : OK (as example - someone fixed siptah city bridge… that saves time to get into it)
If u build wall and spikes around it so nobody can climb it or u build wall on 2 grids with foundations with 20 floors high or place random wall around some boss spawn, or vault , or spam build sandstone foundations - its not OK…

by resources its directly on server capability to hold those things, if u go near such thing - u can even see how fps drops to 5-10 mostly, thats when server cant handle the render thing on those buildings…

forexample me - i am OK with big builds until they looks ugly starts to give lags, or actual walling out vault , dungeon or anything… well ok i will add example of HOW to not build anyways

Like if u build something like this this is violation of all 3 rules that is based on PVE , 2,5 grids this sh*t was on , blocking out elephant spawn, and also giving abnormal lags , so if u build like this there is 100% possibility to get this thing teared down and u get punished…

@Sir.Henry.Vale for u i can say actually i am happy that this thing is history, this is why i say new rules are best ! :smiley:


Yes some builds are clear an abuse as that wall but the problem whit the bad rules is so fluffy inclear wher the line go, when a build go from ok to bean baned. the only part that is clear is the block resourses part and that means that if you block an stone resoure node you will be baned sisn you block a resourde!

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No, it but it might take some research to know what people think causes problems with server performance. Or indeed, what’s the difference between client performance and server performance, and why it matters. Or how Funcom treats big builds, how they treat server performance, stuff like that.

In other words, it might take some research to actually understand the context of the discussion instead of… oh, I don’t know… calling people trolls, haters, and directing personal attacks at anyone you disagree with :man_shrugging:

Pot, kettle, black. Especially because most people in this thread haven’t been insulting at all. You’re one of the notable exceptions :wink:


Plus minus its all about normal human conversation -
If u play and grief on purpose , with idea to block others out from they resources then its line hit…

Imagine u live, umm i dont know, on grid where iron is not much, like 3-7 nodes in 1-3 grids, and someone placed wall on it , so u need to run From A1 to A3 to get resources , even u were first on A1 grid before someone who u dont know, and he walls out only iron node harvest place… then it is rule breaking, BUT if he builds same thing but there is another 7 nodes nearby who is free - its not rule breaking,.

in short Line is actually common sense, dont block others out of resources that is not possible to get in the same place, like on siptah - there i think on east side is only one place where u can get glowing goop, and if someone suddenly place wall around the lake on mountain with spikes - that is rule breaking, because others then cant get it ( if its only place )

If u block out stone - its not rule breaking, because stones there is much enough for everyone… 1-4 nodes blocking is OK,

If u build like on rare resources that is only in that place harvestable , also counts as 3 skull boss spawns, thrall (any thrall spawns) , grave of jorgen… then its not ok

I mean - as far as u dont build up so big that it starts lagging for others like that wall, or u not blocking out resources that is not obtainable more nearby ( if u not living alone there ) all is OK, u hit line when u block out others from game like if u build fall around spawn zone so new players cant join - its not ok…

Actually again in short line is common sense in building…

edit line

forgot to say - always communicate with others, first before reporting anyone ask why they builded like that and that is against rules, like - i found some guys who builded big road tru 6 grids, also not rendering, and giving lags, waited them online, found out they are new players that just dont know english good enough so with other players help on translate talked thing out and they will remade they idea of road , because only way why they builded it was safe thrall gathering from leyshrine… So all is solved now :smiley:


Yes i guess thats the base ide behind the rules, but so fluffy and open for debate wher exact wher the line gos. When is a base to big, (bigg egnuff to have all altars) everything we do create lag but when is it to mutch and who deside that.

Yes i guess the ide of blocking resouese is to ex wall in the salt lake or somthing but by the law text its say any resoures and that means if you build block a stonenode its egnuff to be baned for.

And yes good players and server try to talk to the clan befor they report it to Funcom but then we have tos that dont try talk to them and go direct and report it, of they are toxic, just like to wipe servers and decay player. A way to abuse the systerm. just need some to wright a well written leter.

Spec when its no warning system or apeal system and only bane, wipe and gone and probebly not even know what was wrong.

Yes its good that they finaly try to fix the serverproblems but in a wrong and a fluffy unclear way.

They shud have started whit limeting the land clame are and extended the non building areas. have a meter that preven you to build if its generating to mutch lag. And stuff like that.

Wher exact is a base ok and one block/fire more its time to dealeat the game?

Here’s the thing, though. Since they announced the changes to the rules, all I’ve seen is endless speculation and FUD about how they’ll start banning people for building big. And, unsurprisingly, every single one of those posters has always said that they agree with Funcom targeting those who clearly abuse the building system, but not them, because they’re not doing anything wrong.

You know what I haven’t seen yet? Proof that it’s a problem. I’ve yet to see someone post a picture of a build that got them banned, followed by the rest of community saying “Yeah, I have no idea why they banned you for that, it looks okay.” For that matter, since they announced the changes, I’ve yet to see anyone come complain about how they got banned for building too big.


I guess most of is, spec thos that have played for more then a year have a risk to be in the gray area and dont kowe what will hapen.

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We had something like that on 1941 PvE-C server back in 2019. The walls went around 4 zone blocks outer edge to surround the New Asgarth (misspelling there - too lazy to look it up at the moment) so I know the feeling of insanely large build.

Yes, something like that should have been taken care of much earlier since it serves no purpose. I do not think there is anyone who can honestly say Funcom removing that structure is bad thing.


After they are teared down u can see how they react, sadly i have screen of what last guy said and i doubt its alowwed to share such text :smiley: because this one player i guess had some illness in brains… and i think if i show u or add image of chat what he said i may get ban too for inaprop text, still only those buildings was teared off , but after that text i guess he should even be banned XD so better no, but i mean there is 2 types mostly , sure language barrier is also much but its like there is griefers without logic and brains, like curses players and play with purpose to ruin things for others ( this is most bigest problem even in real life not in games) but then there is just new players who dont really even know mechanism of game but they are talkable or teachable …

But sadly in low possible vissible difference with these 2 types both are destroyable …so this rule goes up with common sense and communication between players…

The original post was about concerns of people that have not only not built absurdly large structures, people that follow rules and guidelines, people that are very helpful to all people on our server, losing or in fear of losing what they’ve built and collected.

People started making assumptions and casting stones, assuming that RedLion was one of the negative types that have since been mentioned.

His place is in God’s Claw area, but people started mentioning massive places on noob river, suggesting they didn’t even read the post before casting stones.

Things have been mentioned about people that go out of their way to ruin the gaming experience for others, and stuck him in that category. Also, he has a few signs asking others to not build over the resources; he himself has not built over them, nor walled them off from other players.

So when I see people that have made poor assumptions, or cannot read, attack him, obviously I’m going to call out those people.

People then started blaming our builds for server lag. I attempted to explain that what most people view as the cause of this, doesn’t really apply to our server (for the most part). I also explained how tiny builds with no others structures around still causes a great amount of lag.

I think I have “researched” and am knowledgeable enough about the situation to comment. People that don’t know any better or have not really read, in my opinion, should not be suggesting that I’m clueless, uninformed, or a hypocrite. As I am also one of the players on the server that goes out of my way to help players, even offering without being asked.

I do not believe that players like us should be targeted, when clearly as so many others have stated, there are tons of people out there whose actions, behaviors and builds are the ones who should be targeted by the new changes.

I’ve attempted to make it clear what type of players we are, but it seems my communication skills are sorely lacking. I’m assuming this is why people are casting stones, insulting us, and flagging my posts as offensive… I’m so sorry that I was not clear and that there are those whose poor feelings were hurt so badly as to report me and my posts.

I have totally agreed that there are many players and behaviors that certain changes will so rightfully effect. But players that have given funcom money, play by the rules, and otherwise improve on others gaming experience by spending all their time being helpful to others, should not be targeted.

Not sure what else there is to say, target the haters, not the kind and helpful; that goes for both funcom and players that post.


This is very subjective. Most people will like that you build a map room near the obelisk, some won’t. Some people will like that a bridge or road is built to safely cross dangerous or annoying places, most won’t (based on my discussions with players).
It’s an open world with a lots of different people with different approach to the game. Whatever you do, there will always be someone who will feel offended. Since there are no rules at all (or hardly any), I really don’t know how funcom decides whether to wipe something or not, but I sure hope they do it on the number of reports people get.


We PvE players love building. Just don’t build too much on a shared server.

I’ve seen many people give compliments about someones base which is always nice.
But if its about giant bases its mostly people that complain and I can understand.

Big isn’t always better, its the quality of the paint.


Godsclaw is a tense subject on some servers. You can’t muck it up or someone will destroy you.

  1. Resources
  2. Spawns
  3. Beauty

Each of these things is enough to build resentment. If his takeover of this incredible “natural” surrounding is obtrusive to players, he will get reported a lot.

Halk looks like he’s shaping up to be a good Admin. I can’t really end my reply any better.


The rules as written don’t target players, they target outcomes. If you are alone on a server you can absolutely trash the place, however if new people arrive you are responsible for the things you have made. It is only when your build negativity effects the gameplay of others that FC would consider removing it.

I can understand being scared of personal responsibility, to a degree. Advocating for limits for everyone just because you are incapable of living up what is essentially a “don’t be a jerk” rule from FC is juvenile.

These aren’t new rules, there is no evidence FC has some new draconian enforcement policy of the rules, the sky is not falling…


No its not any real rules, its unspesifide fluff any sharlatan can abuse whit a flashy speatch causr the lines dont have any supstans.

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