The PVE Builder

There is official server.And reporting system still not working ok.I report another clan on another server .And many other players say reported too.They claym huge location with sandstone block almost from server starts.Old players remember 2 years ago landclaim is exist already.Send screenshots,get answer from funcom.They will investigate.Pass week.See one player from that clan online.Before they never stay,log in just to refresh timers.I go look theyr base.Thinking they removing landclaim…ups-they building.

Well when ppl have played the game sins day 1 in EA you cant expec them to play hardcore every day/week! Or? Player have a need to have a life outside CE to. IRL stuff and time for other games to.

Whats wrong whit that?

I don’t believe that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you about my comment-its nothing wrong.Just build small base,move stuff there and leave that crazy big landclaim to decay.Idk why one or maybe 2 players need area where can build 10 bases

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Find a new server.

I really don’t get this mentality where everything on a certain server should meet your individual needs, wants, and desires.

Am I alone in feeling there has been a crazy influx of entitled players lately?


Yes a server needs to be alive whit building in many plases in diferent zises from smal huts to big cassles/palas. If you like a empty server go to a soloserver.

How big is big as you talk about? we still need spase for the tempel, crafting station, loot and a living spase. + some outposts

They have 2 bases,i mark around with ‘’?’’

So what?

Im not talking to you.This wos for Masmassu

Sure, but even in a public forum, it’s pretty normal to answer someone’s question directly. @Masmassu asked @Tera a direct question, and @Tera answered it just as directly. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Come on, dude, let’s not pretend that this whole discussion doesn’t have a whole bunch of context that we’ve gone over in this thread and others.

What @Tera posted is an example of a massive build, in terms of territory claimed. I agree that this doesn’t make it a problem per se, but it’s definitely a “smell” to build like that on a shared PVE(-C) server.

And by “smell”, I mean a sign that things might not be okay. By itself, it’s not really enough to draw any conclusions, but I’ve seen way too many “I don’t give a crap for the server or anyone on it” builds that look like that or similar.


And he’s reported what he THINKS is a TOS breaking construction, supposedly along with others. Also indicates they’ve been answered by Funcom, and it would be investigated.

Based on previous posts, it’s hard to discern whether it’s an actual TOS build problem or just a player being cranky because they don’t like it. And I’m leaning towards the second option.

We’ve all seen builds we loathed and most of us just continue on our way rather than pitching a fit about it.

But if we take a look at the map posted, and take Tera at their word (sure - a map is not proof - Funcom would need more, but this is just a discussion) then it is hard to imagine the base not being a TOS violation. The southern one appears to encompass the Executioner’s Entrance, Mitra’s Serenity, a world boss croc and possibly also a couple of camps and maybe even the Arena entrance. And appears to cover an area of around two full map squares. Assuming that’s accurate, I’d be pretty angry just from someone blocking off the Executioners Entrance, let alone all the other stuff as well. And it seems to fit the definition of a TOS violation in that case.

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They not block.Just cover all that area by sandstone foundations lines.New rules cover 3 points-blocking,landclaim and performance.So violation of land claiming.And im not angry on them-just think they must remove that scrap.But most players on global chat think need just ban and no other option

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And there you go, you answered your previous question about what business of @Tera’s it is where and how other people build their bases.

Yeah, but what business is it of yours what people report? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m joking, of course. But on a more serious note: we really don’t know if this build breaks the TOS or not. @DanQuixote already pointed one of the ways this could be breaking the rules. I can think of others. I’m sure you can, too.

I’m not saying we should side with either “side” here, but maybe give both sides the benefit of the doubt?

To put it simply, there are rules that can be enforced, and then there are things that are problematic even when they don’t break the rules. Each one of us faces a personal choice as to what they will do about any of these things.

If you’ll pardon the metaphor, some people will stop going to a park that’s strewn with used condoms and needles, others will try to do something about it. To each their own.

Yeah, if that’s true, that’s textbook foundation spam and it’s against the TOS. Reporting it is justified, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for quick results.


Yes,in pvp server you can.But some of them is totally claimed by one clan.Go to 1069 and you see

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A ok yes. depends on how its build but the one up in N seams an ok zise for a main base but the other seams fill whit a purpus spec when its so close to the other.

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And finally all its gone.That big landclaim with base,another base near Asgard with blocked lake.And even small outpost.Looks all clan buildings is destroyed


Yes its a big mistake to not war players!

Most waitong for DUNE and keep play during the time!

Now when they get wiped whit no warning and Q on reason they get anoyed.

Then they will not come back to DUNE, …

I won’t josh or jab you in the future, so you keep on being noble. This is what the community needs, and I personally thank you for being objective.