The pve vs pvp dilema

So with the new update you have nerfed alot. Given more powerful thralls, mounts, and a slower dodge. Agility can make up for the dodge. You obviously want ppl to spend points in other stats besides vit and str.

Agility has been and still will be fairly useless. I know you get complaints from pve and pvp players that conflict with each other. Everyother update it seems like your trying to cater to one or the other.

You have slowed down ALOT of attacks, the rolls, you nerfed the damage on some of my fav weapons like havoc and malice (the explanation that the range of these weapons will still make it a valueable weapon is incorrect btw).

You need to make it to where the battle system is a lil different between pve and pvp. This is where agility SHOULD come into play. Instead of agility affecting armor or dodge speed, (dodge speed is a start) , why not have agility give increased attack speed of hammers and 2h swords and such. with each perk you would essentially be trading str for speed.

If worked correctly pve ppl would go for the str/vit build and pvp would have a choice of both and it would be fairly equalled out. Keep the first perk with the stamina, 2nd perk could affect dodge, 3rd perk IAS for 2h swords, 4th perk IAS for hammers, ( in this order because hammer typically have more armor pen, are heavy, and should require and extra oomph to swing quickly). 5th perk you can keep the double jump or put IAS towards bows essentially equaling out that build also.

As for the passive agility effect, keep it adding extra armor or have it affect IAS in general for all weapons, kinda have it cater to the one handed sword, daggers, or the weaker weps. Im sure you remeber the claws fiasco when you had to nerf those. If they were weaker to begin with but had that speed you wouldnt have had a problem.

With the perks though you cant make a min-ute(how do u spell that lol) change. If ppl are Sacrificing str for speed then it should be 25 to 50% Ias WITH the perks.

Im interested to hear others thoughts on this.


I did not read all that but i think i get what you are trying to say. I did scan most of it :stuck_out_tongue:

There are two easy answers to this issue. Separate the modes pvp and pve, so they have to different settings and feels or meld the two modes together. The devs are trying to make it work for both atm, as i understand it.

I do not think that what you are talking about as nerfs are really nerfs. Both the change to weapons and dodge are more of a balance to both pvp and pve.

After testing the dodge in pve, it is diffrent and you can not dodge in to an attack any more but if you just change your ways of fighting it actually feels better in my opinion.

When it comes to pvp, it feels like medium and heavy armor are way better now but maybe it needs a little adjustment. You are not running form a fight anymore, that is for sure. You might be lucky but if you have engage an opponent you are not getting out with out a fight. I like this a lot!

The weapon changes where in my opinion one of the better things they did for both pvp and pve. It made the attacks better and more snappy animations. I would like to say tho that the one handed sword might need some more dev love before it is good again. The light attack is way to slow.

I think they need to seriously consider changing the encumbrance build. Having the ability to carry unlimited amounts of loot and stuff with no penalty to stamina or speed is insane. It creates a lot of pain in pvp and makes it so you always want it when you do pve. It works against the idea of having a mixed build!

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Maybe, but they are never gonna seperate the game modes. That would be like building 2 completely seperate games. Even in doing that, on pvp servers 50% of the game is still pve, so what are you gonna do for that? By offering increased attack speed, it would make agility a more useful stat, you would have different builds, offer more options, and kinda be the equllibrium that they want to obtain. If your doing pve you would want more str, if your doing pvp then u want a build suited to the main wep your using and have an option between str and speed like you do with fighters in real life. They are already messin with the speeds of all the weapons and attacks. Offer the players an option to change it themselves. To be clear this post is NOT about the new dodge roll, well a very small part is.

Farming would be absolutely miserable without the encumbrance build. If I were king I would have anyone who dared mutter anything about changing it killed on sight. Just saying.

As for the separation, is it someone’s impression that all we do on PvP servers is run around killing other players? The grand majority of my time is spent farming materials, collecting zeal by killing NPCs, running dungeons or killing bosses in the Unnamed City to get good weapons, etc. I would say probably 80-90% of the game time I’ve spent in Conan was doing activities that could be classified as PVE, I just don’t use the mats I get to build a lot of frilly bases with windows on them.

I play PvP because when conflicts arise between neighbors, and they always will, I have the choice of going to war with them if I decide that it’s necessary, rather than trying to come up with some passive-aggressive way to annoy them if I hate where they built.

Real life is PvP, that doesn’t mean that if Iceland doesn’t like some policy that The Bahamas puts into place they are just going to start launching nukes, but it’s a possibility. You don’t always shoot your neighbors, just when they really really p*** you off.

That seems to be about the jist of what ppl think, Thats y i said atleast 50% of pvp server is still pve. Though ur alot closer to it with the 80 to 90% I do pvp just because i like watchin stuff go boom lol

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Not true, PvP is mostly centered around server dominance and if an alliance rules the server then that stuff comes into play. Yea people attack neighbors for being annoying but pretty much everyone’s goal is to wipe the alphas

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Wipe u gotta wipe. I blow in, steal stuff and get out. Ill leave u your base unless i have a vendetta against you.

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It is spelled the same as minute.

Hear, hear! For the love of Crom, don’t mess with my encumbrance build. I don’t want to have to rename my character to Schlemiel the Painter.


Thankyou, thats how i had it at first but i didnt think it was right lol

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I only ever seek to wipe an alpha tribe if they are oppressive. I’ve been on my current server for a year and my clan gets along with the alpha clan just fine.

If that was everyone’s goal then you would only have 1 clan per server, and all alpha clans would instantly wipe anyone else who tried to build.

Well idk what server you’re playing on but I’ve never seen a server that doesn’t go through the cycle of:

huge struggle for power -> one side wins -> neutrals and enemies wiped and leave server -> server dies for a while -> alphas quit because they’re bored -> some old players come back to server and it starts all over again

Seems to me like your server is a pvp server filled with pve-ers

No, it’s actually a server that has had the same alpha clan since release, and trust me there is plenty of PvP to be had.

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