The Ravenguard (RP-PVP, US/EU) Fresh on 5-11-18

New, dedicated server, The Ravenguard!

This is a fresh 40 slot server on US-East, 2x combat exp, 2x gathering yield and longer day/night cycle.

We are a small group of adventurers who are seeking more players to join us for both PVP and PVE content! Building raid times are 7-9PM EST, every day. We will set special times for raiding if there is a dedicated war between clans. We encourage RP with or without PVP, connect with your neighbors and maybe you’ll meet some fun people!

Game server can be located on the server listing, no password is needed unless people start being assbags.


Bump, we have a nice selection of players who have joined and are eager for more!

Stop by and say hello.