The Real Borderlands!

The server my friends and I have been playing on, isn’t allowing us to connect now. I don’t even see it on my favorite list. I had to try to connect through my STEAM history.

I did notice that we had an update this morning. I suspect his as being the issue.

The attempted connections failed, it cited this being due to incompatibility of versions. I wonder, when this server will update? Do servers update automatically?

It this an official server? If so, which server #?
We had a PC patch and it could be the one of the servers haven’t restarted properly.

There was an update patch released today. You most likely need to restart the server for the update to take effect.

The Real Borderlands is the name of the server.

Yes, most likely you have to update your private server.

If you already updated your server, just run the update again. I have had instances where the server didnt update.

In very rare cases you simply can’t update. I make a backup of the saved folder, then I remove everything (ensuring Saved folder is backed up and safe). Then I will download an entirely new server. After that I add in the backed up Saved folder and that has fixed it everytime.

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