The REAL Elephant in the ROOOOOM!

Please for the love of Conan get rid of the player list. It will only cause more griefing…

Change the clan part to ??? until you discover them?

I would suggest putting clan names in the HP over the target instead of steam names.

This maybe should go into suggestions but…

There is a setting to turn those off. The draw back is that You cannot tell what the NPC is until you take them out of the wheel and can see a name and level in your bag.

squeak, squeak!
Run elephant run!

yeah but the problem is everyone knows whos clan you’re in. That was one of the “cool” things about conan, you could stay “hidden”

It is a server setting, not sure if there is a client setting that can override it.

Maybe it’s kind of like modern gangs where they spray paint your gang affiliation so everyone knows where you stand by your graffitti, lol.

yeah but everyone can see it…I want to see others but dont want them to see me …in that case I’d rather noone see anyones