The real life problem of animal hoarding

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Performance
Region: US Officaial Server 3735

I’m on official PvE server. 3735 (yes I know I’m a dirty casual) and when I first started playing everything was great! Then…the game became free with PS+ and a flood of players invaded the server. I’m okay with seeing a few tigers and bears adorned with dlc skins…but it has gotten out of hand. The clan “daggers” has begun hoarding pets of every shape and size, and has become such an issue that it is affecting the quality of play. It’s so bad, I made a profile here to make notice of the issue. Gorillas, yetis, bears, wolves, lions, giant lizards. These guys encroached on my base and now not only can I not expand, but everywhere we go we are greeted by poor performance, stuttering, lag, and frequent crashing. Then, they only come on once every week to keep their hoard going. My fiance was in the hospital for the last four days and I lost a base I’ve been building for over a year that was close by. I was going to connect it all but these guys have forced my hand. I truly felt the need to say something. I Will post pictures tonight to prove I’m not just someone crying about losing my prospective space.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Hoard pets
  2. Hoard more pets
  3. Lag the server
  4. Crash the game

Have you tried reasoning with them maybe they dont know that they are affecting your gameplay. If that’s not feasible, I have another solution. Where is your base located?

Summoned an avatar n kill off all their pets (for people that r too smart YES i know it’s a pve server n YES u can kill other people’s pets with avatars, I’ve done it) oh but wait avatars r disabled so um that’s a problem. Maybe go get one of those world bosses n kill em pets using em as prey for the creature. People do this all the time n never fails.

This is my recommendation also.

don’t forget to take a tanning knife.

I have a problem mostly with orphaned zoos and thralls near by, but just cleared a few with giant croc. when he dies , free key

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I have. And yet to no avail. I don’t even get a response back when messaging any of their clan. It’s frustrating.

Also my base is at grid H8 in the highlands. Its a peaceful place and the scenery is why I built there to begin with. Now it’s marred by a plethora of animals and shoddy craftsmanship

There’s a blackhand base nearby, however they have multiple tigers flanking and the pirates are no match

I have done this in the past with relative success, however these guys have way too many animals to defeat and I’m not sure where a boss would be around grid H8

A devastating boss on thralls and pets is the white tiger. He’s also fast and that makes him a quick follow. Just stay alive. If you can train him there, I don’t care how many pets he has, only 3 at a time will attack and that tiger is a BEAST. I’ve killed every boss in the game and That tiger brings down thralls and pets pretty amazingly and the tiger can be grabbed at the falls right near the entrance to the highlands. Happy hunting!


U r in luck! Seems like this is the solution to ur problem. Thanks to @Huzzah

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Hello @Filthyfirefly, thank you for reaching out!

Please rest assured that the team is already aware of the issues thrall and pet hoarding can cause and there are some changes coming to the thrall system in the future that should alleviate this problem.

In the meantime, the suggestions shared in the thread are feasible workarounds for dealing with this matter.


I agree the Tiger is a valid option, the Elephant that spawns there is also useful. That is if you can bridge the cave, and kite them to the highlands.

The best option however is sat at G 9/10 in the form of a king rocknose (hidden to the east in some trees). That thing will wipe around 10+ pets before being killed.
You can use this map to locate the bosses;

From the drop down menu select

To kite the boss just gain aggro by running nearby. Run at slower speeds to enable the boss to follow you. It may be tricky at first but you will get the hang of it.

Good luck!

Thank you for the reply in getting I tonight after work to check it out!

Thank you for responding. I really love this game. 50$ well spent for hundreds of hours played over the last year. It shows you guys really do care and we all really care about this game. I hate Arc because it’s a jank fest, so when I bought this I was thrilled to be a part of the community! Again, thanks for everything you all do you keep it fun and fresh!

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So this totally worked. I managed a huge staircase on the side of the waterfall and lured both the white tiger as the elephant to his base. I cut his hoard considerably so I will probably leave a bunch of his pets alone. It stopped most of the stuttering In the area and three lag has cut down considerably so I don’t want to be a monster an destroy ALL of his work. I really appreciate everyone’s support and advice. This is the best gaming community I’ve gotten to be a part of so thank you. If anyone is I. PlayStation feel free to add me if your wanna join the server for some fun I have plenty of equipment to setup a few people to adventure with. My psn ID is the same as here.


GLAD to see you have some improvement. Just built below boundary spillway on my server. Looking out front patio down to white tiger. Dangerous times. LOL.

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Brother, you ain’t kiddin’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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