The recent patch resetting atributes and feats, once again poor judgement

Pretty much what it says. Let’s say there was no choice, fine, how about a heads up guys. Instead of throwing everyone to the wolves, maybe it would have been smart and more importantly, CONSIDERATE to you customers to shout out that you are ■■■■■■■■ with the feats and points. Once again, very poor judgement and very inconsiderate way to release this latest patch. To say the least, I am very, very disappointed, even my 11 year old daughter knows better.

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lol dude, everyone was begging for a reset cos of the 50 all stats exploit. it takes 1 min to respect back into what it was before.
it was a very good call and it was needed. so thank you, funcom for listening once again.


What did you lose exactly? One minute of time or glitched stats?


there was a notice put up…

so, yeah, it wasn’t without warning. And it has been talked about for a good while, with referencing to the original all 50 glitch and how they reset the stats of all officials once patched.


dude, really? someone wipe him plz.

Edit: What is best in life? …to hear the lamentations of respecing players. They did this for the good of the game, get your head out of…the sand


It’s not a problem.
Though I do gotta feel sorry for the guy who logged on our server in the middle of an undead purge with his stats at zero.

Me thinks the only people mad at a free respec are the ones that lost all their 50 god stats.

To those who legit died from monsters or surprise gankers … Why are yall logging of in a unsecured location and not expecting to get your throats slit? I mean, this is survival game 101. If I see an unconcious body out in the open … ITS GONNA GET LOOTED!


Took me 5 minutes. 2 of those minuted were sipping my coffee and petting my cat. Also noticed that I had some extra points left over as I initially took some armor pieces by mistake.

Basically…my life didn’t end. I got over it.


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