The Red Thread Mission Title

Playing through the Carpathian Fangs Investigation mission from Callisto I am wondering what is the meaning behind this mission’s title?

Could be the red thread of their story, to understand where it started, and how it got to where they are now. A red thread is also symbolic of peoples bonds. It ties together parts, be it a beginning, parts of the journey, and the end, or people.

I always thought it was the red thread of fate.

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@AWOL - That would fit, based on other times Ragnar has referenced the phrase. For example, from the about page of Red Thread Games:

" Why “Red Thread”?

The concept of the red thread is universal, and signifies a deep connection between things: thematically, emotionally, physically.

In Chinese legend, the gods would connect certain individuals with an invisible red thread — and these individuals are thus destined to meet, form a connection and help each other.

Our games are all about that strange, ethereal bond between living things, and the drama — and game mechanics — that emerge from the red threads that connect us, regardless of distances and differences."

Edit - Just noticed that that is also the point that @SinOfTheWolfs was making :slight_smile:

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