The Report System isn't very Clear, I have three questions

I currently have been dealing with an issue for weeks 2 days ago I get an email back there will be an investigation, yet since I have provided even more evidence of this infraction, I don’t know if the evidence has been reviewed, tagged on or even received, and it is especially frustrating given the multiple infractions by a clan are being actively rubbed in my face every other day in global (I would think confessions would make it pretty cut and dry).

I have been tempted to resubmit a new ticket instead of replying to the email but I do not want to further congest the system.

So I have three

  1. is there an average investigation time we can currently expect?
  2. do we always get confirmation an investigation has concluded (obviously with no details on actions taken) I have seemingly received that in the past and also not received it when things have been investigated
  3. Could we see some sort of active ticket status ? all the relevant information stored some place so we can confirm it is received and the Active or closed status of the ticket system so we could know when an investigation has been concluded?
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The rules aren’t very clear either maybe that’s why it takes them so long. From what I’ve gathered the more people you have reporting the better your chances are.

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I don’t find the rules that difficult to understand (while playing within with the state of the game I can understand violations) but I do find the process for resolution to be lacking.

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So you have or haven’t been banned? I mean the first time I read them I was fairly sure I understood but then I got banned

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Greetings Exile,

Please reach out to the Help center as they are better equipped to answer your questions. Any answer here would be mere speculation and might not reflect the real process.

Thank you for understanding and for your support.

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