The rescue option for your thrall

Oh I go for the ghost mode look around first, lol. But, as you note, it happens in single-player a lot right now, and often there seems to be no way to find them. I’m just getting rather tired of having to revert save files as the only way to actually fix it, leaving me having to repeat things.

That’s why I’m suggesting an admin-only version. As you say, I can imagine having it freely available could cause a problem on servers. But, equally, the current version is irrelevant in singleplayer (where the biggest current problem of this nature exists) - it’s pretty hard to accidentally leave a thrall somewhere, but it’s comparatively common to have to retrieve them from somewhere that a bug has sent them. A ‘full return’ option that was admin-only would fix this problem (not just for the current incarnation of this bug, but for all similar past and future bugs), without endangering server play at all.

The reason I’m arguing for it as more than just a last resort fix, is precisely because we’ve seen these sorts of bugs before and will likely see some variant again. Fixing this current bug will only solve this problem for now, which is why I’d like to see a more permanent solution put into place. I can certainly see why server players would be concerned at such a feature being added for general use, but in an admin-only form I feel that should alleviate those concerns? Or am I missing something that would cause it to still be a potential problem for servers? (I can’t think of anything, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be something…)


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Seriously… What about thralls being placed inside buildings, wouldn’t they end up on top of the roof?


Admin only option would be a great option. Something needs to be done. One year an half and it`s still a problem.


Top of the roof isn’t the worst thing that could happen mate. You want that thralls to get some fresh air or not?


Honestly, I don’t really understand why they have to lose the gear and their inventory when rescued. I mean, yeah, I can imagine that people would come up with some “creative uses” for that, but the action is already extremely restricted: neither the player nor the thrall must have taken damage for X minutes, and then there’s also the cooldown on the action itself.

But if they’re so adamant about preventing abuse, then having an admin rescue option would be a good solution.


If FC fixed the thralls the rescue system could remain untouched.

The problem is with the thralls. Ask for that to be fixed. Changing a mechanic like thrall rescues could lead us to worse bugs.

The problem with that is that it’s a short term solution - it solves the current problem (and don’t get me wrong, I want to see that solved), but it leaves players still at the mercy of any future versions that arise. As I said above:

When the current bug gets fixed, that’s great - but the existing rescue function has failed us in this instance, and so we have to wait for the bug to be fixed. If an admin-only ‘full rescue’ option could be added alongside the fix for the current bug, then that would mean that in future versions of the situation we wouldn’t have to wait for the fix, we would already have a workaround set up.

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If FC fixed the thralls, we wouldn’t need the rescue system at all.

Yes, people are asking for that to be fixed, too. Repeatedly. Seriously, go look at bug report forums.

Wanting to have a better rescue tool now, while the thralls are not fixed yet, does not preclude wanting to fix thralls. It’s a false dichotomy.

Either you believe Funcom can fix bugs and therefore we should ask them to, or you believe they’re so incompetent that anything they do will introduce worse bugs, but you can’t believe both and be honest.


I agree with your sentiment. Admin only rescues would be usless for everything but private servers, unfortunately.

Easy Mage. I do believe FC can and does fix bugs. I also believe FC makes many errors and the chance of making things worse by implementing change is very present. Honestly.

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Personally it bothers the hell out of me to see 2 tiers of testing performed and the result is bugs, bugs, bugs. Some so detrimental they prevent log in or in this case, Moleman Thralls.

It is absolutely disgusting and each time a parch is released it is a guarantee that some old bug that has been patched a half dozen times is right back on the reports list, so many mistakes.

Support it if you feel the same.

This game, and followers in particular, has far too many bugs for it to be reasonable that you lose all items when recovering a follower. Disable that until you fix all the bugs. Don’t double punish players with brutal game rules and incompetent bug-ridden code.

That’s no reason to tell people they shouldn’t ask for a better short-term solution. :man_shrugging:

I agree that Conan Exiles suffers from quality problems. Even when you account for the fact that the game development industry is lagging light years behind the rest of software developments when it comes to QA, there’s something really wrong with this team’s QA process and practices. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again.

What I’m really tired of is having people come to preach at me on these forums. If Funcom fixes a bug and someone opens a thread to thank them for that, that thread is guaranteed to have one of you pop in and say “you shouldn’t thank them, you should demand better”.

No, thanks. I’m going to praise them when I think they deserve praise, criticize them when I think they deserve criticism, and ask for changes and fixes I believe we should have. Sure, that might bring additional bugs, but if you think you can avoid bugs by carefully picking what you ask for, then you don’t really understand how easy it is to introduce a bug into a software of this complexity.


Didnt mean to come off like i was telling anyone what to do. Just pointing out the base of the problem.

And your description of your actions is just good old fashioned honesty. Tell em when they do right, tell em when they do wrong. Dont ignoe things and have an honest reaction. Thats GG buddy!


Yeah, sorry. Maybe I’m a bit too sensitive to that lately, because we’ve had a spate of that stuff around here lately.

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The fact that we have to use the thrall recall in the first place shows the extent of the issues with the game.
Is it my fault my thrall disappears into the undermesh? Is it my fault the thrall is stuck?
Funcom needs to recode this feature and have everything on the “stuck/undermeshed” thrall return with the thrall.
As usual, they have half a solution for their own weak coding.


And then, you can only rescue them to a place where you already have landclaim…


Its kk buddy. You typically seem level headed. Its ok to get a little wild at times, it shows you are concerned. GG buddy


I really hope the community managers read this thread and consider what we are saying. Thralls disappearing into the ground is getting annoying. Like even just standing still, in my base, they vanish. :frowning:


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