The response of Funcom on the abrupt unannounced removal of family share

I am extremely disappointed with the way that Funcom dropped the ball on the handling of the removal of family share, their official response to how it happened and lack of remedy to all those legitimate players suddenly left with unplayable accounts.

While I will not argue Funcom’s decision to remove family share, I can disagree with how it has been handled. To throw out a quick ‘oops’, didn’t know it was going to happen this quick or without an announcement, screams lack of organization in the leadership chain somewhere. Whoever was having these ‘discussions’ with Valve on how to remedy the problem that family share may pose with some offenders from ‘their side’ that flipped that switch should be sitting in front of their boss right now being held accountable.

The fact that the ‘oops’ did not come with an immediate reversal of this action to provide legitimate players that might have hundreds or even thousands of hours in this game the ability to sign in and secure their character and property they have worked so hard for while trying to suddenly come up with an extra $40 to keep playing is just mind boggling to me.

By all means, do the oops Funcom but temporarily reverse the oops action, provide a legitimate notice, put the game back on sale like it was last weekend for these people you have pulled the rug out from under and THEN flip that switch and turn off family share.

It is also a bit perplexing to see an official response that mentions the reasoning behind the removal of family share is because ‘some’ individuals that were banned in ’ very extreme cases where indisputable proof was acquired’ were misusing the family share service to get back into the game and then suggesting that the sudden removal of this feature for ALL will remedy this??

No Funcom, we all know that removing family share will NOT remedy this as those that are willing to cheat will simply make a new account and purchase the game again, probably through some internet $15 special not offered through Steam. What removing family share does do is just put more cash in your pocket when the cheaters and ALL legitimate players that used family share are now required to purchase the game again. Let me repeat, removing family share will NOT stop the cheaters that have been banned from playing the game, it will just put more cash in Funcom’s pocket when the cheaters and all legitimate players using the family share as intended are all required to purchase the game again.

I am also a bit put off by Funcom’s statement that they did not think the family share feature would be of any benefit other than to dodge the bans???

Wow, in addition to the roleplayers and admins that you acknowledge, how about all the legitimate families using the feature as intended that now have family members unable to access accounts? How about the female gamers that have been stalked from game to game that use the family share feature to try to escape those using battlenet and other means to follow them game to game or server to server after Funcom and Steam has failed to act due to no outward signs of aggression? There are a lot of legitimate reasons that people use family share, it is not just for the small segment of very extreme abusers that have been banned and shame on you Funcom for not recognizing this and trying to lump us all into the same category as the extreme abusers.

Yes Funcom, there are many decent players that do not cheat that have been using the family share feature legitimately and with one quick unannounced flip of the switch, you have seen to it that these players are not able to access their accounts. I doubt most of the families will be throwing out another $40 per family member to keep playing Conan but I have no doubt those ‘very extreme’ abusers will have no issue tossing that $15 or whatever the going rate is out to places like G2A and were already back into the game yesterday while many legitimate players still do not have access.

Your lame suggestion that the ‘oops’ will stand because you feel that keeping these few very extreme offenders that have been offending for months, maybe years off the game at the sacrifice of hundreds or maybe thousands of legitimate players is the right call is just asinine.

You want to do something from ‘your end’ Funcom? How about fixing all the things that are exploitable in this game, many of which have been exploitable since I started playing in early release 2017.

Not until I saw the lame official response on what happened with family share, the reason for it and the lack of flipping that switch back to give legitimate players time to come up with the funds to purchase the game right after the game jumps back to full price did I realize that this was just a tacky attempt at a quick cash grab. Shame on you Funcom


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