The RESTRICT ACT and the consequences on ao

I will make this simple and too the point.
The RESTRICT ACT is being pushed into law in the USA. Not only does it do things like make it a crime with a 20 year prison sentence to use a VPN but its much worse. It can make ao an illegal game to play with the USA since AO is produced by funcom who is a subsidiary of Tencent a chinese company.

Do you like playing ao? then contact your reps today.


Tencent is only hosting the remaining servers, as I understand it. I don’t believe Funcom is owned by Tencent.

July 14th, 2020: “Tencent acquires full ownership of Funcom”

Yes, you’re right. Tencent seems so innocuous until you look deeper. I hope there’s no effect on AO.

2020: U.S. executive order on WeChat
President Donald Trump signed two executive orders on 6 August 2020, one directed at TikTok and one at WeChat. The TikTok order dictated that within 45 days from its signing (20 September 2020) that it would ban transactions involving the TikTok app with ByteDance, effectively banning the TikTok app in the United States, under threat of penalty. TikTok sued Trump over the executive order, the executive order was revoked under the Biden Administration and this caused the lawsuit to be dismissed in July 2021. The order for WeChat contained the same information but targeting the WeChat app and related transactions for Tencent. In the case of ByteDance, the order would be canceled should an American company acquire it, which Microsoft had been openly spoken of, but there are unlikely any immediate buyers for Tencent in the U.S.[319] Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Dean affirmed from the White House that this does not affect other facets of Tencent’s ownerships in American companies such as with its video game companies.