The road past 50

What do you folks do after about level 50? At this point the journal comes up with level 60 achievements. They’re hard of course, but also require particular levels. Like star metal forging can’t be learned sub level 55. I’ve killed that guy twice at level 53. And the black heart he drops even requires level 60 to use.

I killed a few dragon whelps with my trusty steel trident. Again dragon bone weapons require level 55 to even learn.

So there will be a grind. How do you folks get your last 10 levels?

This would be where most of us got to 60. As I understand it that is currently broken and makes 50 to 60 a murder marathon. New Asagarth and surrounding area being the quickest. If they fixed experience from Tier 3, that is the most effective way.

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I just hit 55 last night, and I haven’t noticed any particular grind. I’m not even paying any attention to my suggested journey steps; occasionally I’ll unlock one that isn’t even on the screen and get a little thrill from the unexpected bonus xp. :slight_smile: I’m not likely to build anything that isn’t sandstone at this point (cheap-■■■ marketplace build), and I’m waiting on epic-lvl gear before I go do too much more dungeoning, largely because my clanmate isn’t on often & I’m a poor tactician. I dunno. YMMV, clearly. Go forth, explore, find map markers, collect animal heads. That’s pretty much all I’m doing.

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Last night I did the Midnight Grove, until I ran out of food. I should have brought more than one stack :slight_smile: I got 2 seals done what gave me over one level. I estimate a full clear is good for 2 levels about.

So that’s a nice thing to do at level 58.

Grind new Asgaroth or the Forgotten Tribe (Mounds of the Dead). You will get thralls, steel, and a bunch of other good loot like an occasional demonfire orb. The exp is also good. By level 50 you should be able to handle either location.

Lol I reset my character last night at 11pm, slept and got 60 again by 2pm. Asagarth does wonders.

Dunno if this has been nerfed or not, but stone thrones give massive XP and jungle Gorillas are like 6K each kill +bonus is you get fur.

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