The rules confusing me

So as the title says, the new rulew are confusing me.

So, im a player on a pvp server.

We have a clan here to block off resources in the game and even putting foundations on the spawnpoints of those resources wich makes the resources not spawn in.

Is it forbidden, like the rules say?


if they are spamming foundations only to affect other players, yes it is forbidden.


It really depends on how severely that “spamming” affects playability. Blocking a few convenient iron or coal deposits isn’t a problem, but e.g. blocking off every brimstone source in the game would would be.

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its pvp

PVP doesnt justify blocking brinstone flats off/obelisks to prevent people from progressing isnt PVP bro…

I had a same situation on the oficial pvp server i play on ps4 a clan builded fundations on the shattered springs. Since the moderators or whoever has to look into this it takes a verry long time. I decided me and some friends to blow up all the fundations there and we started to build in a way that doesnt affect the brimstone so it can be farmed. I know they are bussy and all that stuff but still thry have time to close this kind of messages

welcome to pvp.

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