The sacrifice! A question for Funcom

Players often like to do ritual sacrifice when playing on RP/PVP server. (Derketo, Amazon, Pictish, Settite most of the time)

I would like to know if you have forget the idea to introduce these kind of thing or not yet. Its requires ressource, time and money for not so much more. Almost only for our eyes, the pleasure to show us more of your art, and create more immersion for us, create beautiful trailer too. But in the other side it’s a big part of roleplay and the universe. Even if we can do without, it’s something somewhere way too important (for me) to see Funcom abandone like that.

Could you clarify me Funcom and tell us what’s your position about it? So one day or never? Why? What was your plan if one day you wanted to introduce these things? Show us some hidden art and all (It’s already the case on Arstation. Damn these set of wolf helmet… Want them in the game ^^). It’s always appreciable to partage answer and learn things from our favorite game and get the point of view of our dev and the artist. You could even from time to time (not often) do short live or video with this kind of concept. The artist could show there rough paper art and all. Could be pretty good and interesting for us.


Sacrificing thralls on altars instead of break bond? bring it on


Iam thinking about a giant snake coming gulping down for Set sacrifice. Kalamtu tree for Amazon. A brutal stabbing during a sexual act for derketo. At or not at the altar. Could be at differente place on the map or a placeable, it depend. Something spectacular. Changing from spawning a boss as an admin, killing a thrall or a player with your weapon or with the delete button is not always the best things. Should be cool with a sacrificial music. Should be a nice challenge and experience for our artist to work on these kind of things.

Yes, love the idea of the serpent.
Maybe some time one slave isn’t enough, and the serpent may return and feed some spectators to.
Was looking bit for that with the new sacrificial thrall forged outfits.

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