The SAGA PVP Shenanigans Thread (All things PVP on the Saga server)

This is a thread to discuss all things SAGA pvp related.

I’ll start:

Casters are INSANELY OP before people have the pvp T1 prot set.

Oh and that bomb necro is crazy annoying

When I did the first 80 minis early on, casters weren’t so bad actually. They had low magic damage and low crit/damage rating like everyone else, so even with the low protection all around it wasn’t nightmarish at all.

The problem is that now casters are decked out in Khitai/t4 gear + some AA (which is really easy to achieve on Saga, even if you don’t pve much), they already have the damage output of pvp 10 characters basically. It is definitely unfair for non casters, who have not only terrible protection but also really crappy damage because of the weak weapons (except of course the lucky few with a t3.5/t4 weapon).

Bombs have always been stupid but I can’t disagree that it’s worse than ever with the low protection right now. They can be dealt with however, the problem is so many people still don’t understand how they work (took myself a good while to understand what I can and cannot do with my hox vs them). Can’t lie, I do miss my brute conq and throat slash just to deal with this one guy camping every mini with his eggs.

But as more and more people reach pvp 4, he will become weaker and weaker. I don’t know the guy, but if he can’t adapt (as in, switch to a proper spec) he will be a free kill for months to come.

Having a bomb camper on your team is like playing with 5 people and mostly just an irritation for the opposite team. The team with one is more hindered than the team against one. If melees are stupid enough to blow them up in their face it’s their own fault.

That bomb camper usually has 2 kills at max in mini, rest of mini he spends summoning more pets or waiting them to come to him after getting stuck on ledges etc. Useless necro :stuck_out_tongue:


the problem is if u have a noob teammate that keeps blowing them up in your face, which u do every minigame…

i was even standing with flag behind a wall with no enemies around me just a bunch of bombs and some not to be named hox on my team ran up to me and blew them all up so i died and lost flag…

also even if people know how to avoid it it cripples melees a lot.

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Where is the pvp saga videos? :grinning:

Yeah I think that’s the problem. It’s not that he’s overly good but the idiots on teams can legit blow up all 8 in your face at a moments notice. With no one in prot gear yet, that can be deadly.

It can really shut a melee team down.

Regardless here’s my review of the Bear Shaman in PVP so far:

It’s a crazy fun class to play. I’m currently bewilder spec and although I’m still gimped by being PVP 3, I still have a 5:2 Win/Loss ratio. I don’t think there’s any other class that changes the battlefield as much as BS. I mean literally you can feel once you get within ~10 meters of team members you can almost see the battle turn and their health just stops. That being said I think balance wise they are middle of the pack at best. Basically if you are topping kills, then your team isn’t doing their job. I do pretty well kill wise, but BS just isn’t a big kills class.

So recap: Great class, super fun, needs time to do damage, and can’t wait until I have real PVP gear and a real weapon.

Is that something you’d be interested in? I can start making videos again I suppose!

Any pvp really, on saga, since not really any recent pvp video on youtube :slight_smile:

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I might make some hox videos, I set up OBS the other day but keep forgetting about it.

I’ll make some BS videos once I get the T4 weapon.

Speaking of which, balance on SAGA is broken af since 1 guild has been farming the PVP event week around the clock.

I’ve seen some PVP 7’s around. Craziness.

Hey im pvp 7 aswell so its not like that guild got monopoly at pvp event .one tip is to use the group search there because many times its only one group active in the zone and they might have a spot and invite u.

And u dont have to farm the event that much to get pvp 7 either if u use the xp pot and focus on doing FOS .

To be fair… pvp 4-7 got just minor few % difference. t1-t2 pvp armors have literally no game changing effects.

t3 pvp cloack has like 15 prot and 20 armor more compared to tier 1. Changes literally nothing ^^