The Scorpion Cave returns - Official server 1975 PvE

The Scorpion Cave returns - Official server 1975 PvE

Greetings to all! First I want to write that one of the best sources of resources in the game with greater speed is the Scorpion mine, in Spanish it is the cave “La Quijada”.

Unfortunately, this beautiful mine of resources, already had some constructions above, and this as a result, made disappear resources such as iron, coal and especially the stone that you get at an incredible speed are no longer there, Also the chests What is in the cave have disappeared.

I tried to talk with the clan that has these constructions above the cave, but only since then I got problems with these people, my question to this community, can we recover this cave that some players need so much? It would be very good if this mine, resources and chests return, I hope not to bother anyone, but it is very sad that this cave is unable to be used.

Thank you!

PS: I made a video to make me understand:

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