The Shattered Realms (PVE/C, PS4, Discord)

Just debuted our Tower of Terror event last night in a soft run. Players seemed to enjoy it and gave us advice to only improve on the event. Seems like it should be another fun event for the rotation! I just placed some more admin chests down in the map since a few were found. We try to keep players busy outside of the regular game itself. What better way than to go on a chest hunt?!? You could find some worthwhile items you’ll need in game, or even better yet our money chests, which we have multiple methods for you to withdraw the money, or you can even donate it back to the server for some hard to find thralls or items!

Muy buen server amigo

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Muchas gracias señor!

Just did some server maintenance this weekend. Cleaned up some builds and the discord. Results in more land for players to build on and accurate discord numbers for active & semi-active players. We added an extra admin in for more customer service to our player base. Some new ideas being worked over for weekends like thrall hunts & bounties, plus a new walk in bazaar.

If you are looking for a friendly community that isn’t over crowded where you can’t build, plus some good customer service, please check us out!

As always, trying to change things around to better the server for the players. Taking down a few event builds (Had a lot of them!) to allow more room for players to build. However, are in the process of adding a few more non-event PVP ideas to keep players busy and entertained on the weekends. Should be looking to add new players by the end of the month, but if you interested, please let us know!

Back open for business! If you are interested in joining, please let me know. Armageto#0266 on Discord, which is needed to join. If you don’t have Discord and need help figuring it out or have questions, Armageto80 on PSN. I check here as well for messages/replies.

We did some cleaning and server adjustments to try and give players the best experience possible. We have changed up the following:

  1. Wanted to keep players engaged more on the weekends, so we have added: Mini-Dungeons (with a little RP backstory), thrall bounties (both dead and alive), as well as different games like an admin hunt. Plus we still have our admin chests and other fun stuff still going on.

  2. Wanted more room for players to be able to build. We took away some of the “fat” to event builds, and some events themselves. We kept up crowd favorites, such as the Arena of Assortments (we play capture the flag & Apex Legends games there), The Forgotten Village (Conan meets all of Duty), and a few other builds.

  3. Weekend stamina will be .5, since we are introducing more PVP for weekends. Weekdays during PVE will be unlimited, unless there is an event going on.

  4. Players wanted a little more night time. Being a server for the players, you got it! Still a lot of daytime, but we changed the settings a little to give some night life.

  5. Went away from discord currency and implemented an in game currency. Should make in game transactions easier. We even made an admin market tradeway.

Along with some other changes, plus some server/discord house cleaning for inactive players, we hope to enhance the game for players. If you have any interest, please come check us out!

Armageto#0266 on Discord!

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Just opened up our admin tradeway market today. We always had an admin store with pricing on a few items on discord, but this should be a much better experience for players. You can walk around the market, everything is separated and labeled in chests. All you have to do is drop the coins in the appropriate box, grab the item, and enjoy it in the game world. One of our admins spent a good amount of days on creating this and we think it will create a fun element to the game for our players.

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The reopening to our server has gone better than expected. We probably have to add a few more spots due to new players. Going to keep it open a little while longer as far as new players.

One of our admins has done a nice job with new mini-dungeons and thrall bounties every weekend. The players really seem to like them. Another admin is creating a type of quest line for players to do as well. Hopefully it is as well received as everything else has been.

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My clan and I work a lot and play other games but love to PvP we cant be on enough to defend our base every night so servers with raiding is hard to stay on because we get offlined all the time. We also want a server that likes to pvp because we love to fight. do you do arena events like 1v1s or team v team? we also roam just to find fights. Like i said we like PvP just cant be on all the time with work and what not. it is unnecessary stress to have people attempt to raid us every night.

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We are more a controlled PVP experience, though it can happen on the map, there is an opt out system in place for that too here for players that just want to strictly be PVE. Sounds like you guys want more of a FT PVP server, with no structural damage, which are out there. We have a lot of events to cover different aspects of fighting, solo or team.

Ive been playing conan since launch. When I say I’ve been around more serves than I can count in that time everyone knows that’s cause servers come and go for numerous reasons. Bad admins unresolved issues ect ect. We all know that side of the equation. When i read over everything the shattered realms offers I thought blah its probably just like every other server. The community is very tight. The events break up the monotony of that conan grind we all live to hate and hate to love.
The events I’ve participated in were very fun. They have this cool maze set up. 3 vs 3 you wear a mask or skull mask depending on the team. All the lights get turned off. You already have the blood puking but it really changes everything when your creeping around quietly in the dark and you run across another player. Haven’t felt like that in years!
Another event is set up kind of like a paintball warzone but a conan version. We used only ranged weapons it was like pvp king of the ring warfare. Dodging in an or of buildings running across rooftops taking leaps off buildings and going you judged the did stance right to grab on. All while arrows are whizzing around you.
Through and through I’m glad i found this server. It really is as it is depicted in this site and is so much more.
I mentioned i like running trebs astound an admin. They’re currently working on a pvp event for that. That’s the kinda admins it has. Always quick to respond and always listens to the player base. They definitely handle business. We all know those gportal server drops. Mention it on discord and one of them instantly hops on gportal and resets it. Anyways I’m rambling but if you made it this far its worth checking out!



We definitely appreciate the kind write-up sir! We try our best to make it a well maintained and fun server. Like I mentioned on discord, the server is only as good as the community. The admins do play a large role on how the server runs and what it offers, but the awesome player base is what really makes the server. I’m glad you found the server, you and some other recently new players have been a great addition to the community. Thanks for joining and playing with us. More fun times ahead good sir!!

Going to add a few more slots for the server. Our reopening has went better than expected. No sense on having players wait to play on weekends or other busy times, so we will move from 20 to 30 slots starting today. This will also allow us to recruit a few new players as well. So if anybody is interested, please feel free to contact me.

New quest line is being worked out by one of the admins. We aren’t an RP server by any means, though his quest line and long range plan has a slight RP feel to it. Still some optional fun for the playerbase.

Thanks for all the new players that have joined, and the quality group we already had for the past few months.

Running out of room since our re-opening, but still a few slots left for anyone that is interested. We had our first contest give away this past weekend, which we want to try to do once a month, at least. Out of and in game prizes, which everybody seemed to really enjoy. Community is coming along together nicely and I couldn’t be happier.

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your week!


Hey! I’m a pretty new player from Sweden who got interested in your server, I sent a friend request on discord, hoping to get a slot at the server!



I accepted and wrote you back. We have a couple of players from Sweden on as well. Look forward to having you onboard!

Update is finally out, back up and rolling! Still have a few openings this go around. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Fastest way to touch base with me is thru Discord, Armageto#0266.

Still recruiting??


We are and thanks for joining! Please let any admin know if you have a question, in either game.

June was a great month for the server, well until the server issues a week ago. To show our gratitude to our gamer base, we have our second June contest happening this weekend. Selected players battle it out in one of our events. First prize is a real world prize and it is followed by some cool in game stuff for the runners up. We intend to do it every month.

We also have added a new game to our community, if players are interested. We have a great community and are happy to expand to a second game (Citadel) to keep these players invested and sticking together. So now technically recruiting for two games!

Have a great weekend everybody!