The Shattered Realms (PVE/C, PS4, Discord)

Hopefully everyone reading the ad, in the server, or just out there in the states has a safe and fun 4th of July!

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After a G-Portal did our servers no favors at all, we are back where we should be. We added real world prizes to some of our in game chests now, which include gift cards to PSN. Did some alterations to some admin builds to hopefully add more fun to them. A new event build coming on the way!

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Still have some openings left. Weekend mini-dungeons are almost complete. Our second contest of the month ends next Friday. 4 players will battle it out in one of our events for an out of game prize. Runners up will get server currency or cool in game items. If your looking for a friendly & fun server to call home, check us out! Thanks for taking a look and have a great weekend, be safe!

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Our ultimate goal wasn’t just to create a fun community for Conan, but a fun place players can join together and play multiple survival based games. The team decided once Rust ports over to the PS, that as well will port over to one of our mainstay games, joining Conan. As of right now, along with Conan we also support Citadel: Forged with Fire for the rest of the summer (at least).

So if you are not only looking for a great home to play Conan, check us out for a home for a host of survival oriented type games! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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We’ve had a recent run of some EU players joining the server, which is fantastic. We want to be a server that covers all areas of the globe, since we just about have 24/7 admin support. Had a few from Spain join, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK.

So no matter where you are on the map, you are more than welcomed to give us a try!

Weekend contest was fun. A few people participating never played in a contest final, or even an event. It was nice for new players to get involved and have a chance to win a PSN card.

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A clan that opted into PVP gave us a fun base raid last night. A few clans on the server worked together to get what they needed in over a little over 4 hours. It was fun to watch from the sky!

We have a few clans recruiting actively. We have a couple of clans that are active and promote PVP, base raids and such. We have clans that are just looking to play the game more in the PVE sense. Plus some players just looking to make some online friends and meet some cool people. Plenty of different avenues for one to clan up with.

Had a nice recent influx of players from across the pond. A few UK players recently joined, as well as a duo from Spain, and another Swedish player joined the ranks.

Have any questions about the community or server, please feel free to ask! Have a great weekend and be safe!

Tomorrow we announce the winner for our first August contest. Our first contest is usually any in game item a player could select. We decided to switch it up this month, where a player can select any item/thrall/etc in game or out. Next contest this month is for a PSN gift card, followed by some fun prizes.

A lot of clans are getting their PVP base up for the weekends, which is totally optional on our server. A lot of players come in weary of PVP, but find out that it can be fun in events or on the map, when it’s done in a proper, logical way.

A few more players from the EU joined. Great to have the server becoming a world wide server!

Everyone have a great weekend. Thanks for looking at our ad channel. Any questions, please let us know!

We decided to take Citadel offline as a game we support. It was fun, but not very deep at the present time. Most houses (clans) end gamed within a month. Rather use that server money towards contests gifts or admin chests. Speaking of contests, we have one decided next week for a PSN card. Plenty of time to enter and level up!

We still are going to bring Rust aboard as a game we support FT, to go along with Conan, whenever it might port this year to the PS4. We have also talked about adding another game in as well in the meantime.

We currently have a few America based clans and a couple of EU players looking to clan up. Even an Australian player looking for a clan mate in their time zone. So no matter where you are, somebody is looking forward to playing with you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

We have our second monthly event decided this weekend. Players selected by guessing a number battle it out an event build for a PS4 card, with in-game currency or cool consolation prizes for those who fall short. Not too late to check it out, but you’d really have to enter the contest today and power level by Sunday. Still, we do two contests every month, as well as fun admin chests with discounts at the admin market, in game items, or PSN cards in the chests.

A few newer players to the game are looking for people to clan up that fit their time zones. We are open to players everywhere. Had two from Australia recently join and had our first from Asia. Players of all ranges too. We have retired PVP players that just want to sit back and have fun with a good community. We have players brand new to the game, and those in between. The only thing I don’t think we fit is the “conventional” PVP style. We have an easy opt out system that works great or newer players, fun events for those who like to PVP, admin base raids, and player base raids as well. It’s a more logicial and organized effort at PVP, not a normal weekend free for all. So heavy PVP type players probably aren’t the best fit.

The summer is almost over. Have fun and be safe, find yourself a great server. Have a great weekend!

On some community news, we have decided to add Ark to a list of games that we support. I think for those who like survival games, it gives a nice break from Conan. Or if a player has come to an end of their adventures, it allows them to stay in the community, or with their clan, and keep playing. Ark has no PVE/C mode sadly, so we are aiming for a “light” PVP server. We’ll have opt out options for their base and a player itself on the map, and certain rules to engage in PVP. Hopefully it’s just as fun of an experience as it has been for players in Conan. Still looking to bring aboard Rust as well, whenever it was to port.

In server news, a new player won our contest for the PSN card, which is nice to see a player a week into the server win it. Our next contest is up for the free in game item of the winners choice. Thinking up a new event not only for the Conan server, but a few events for our upcoming Ark server as well.

Hopefully everyone stays safe from the path of the hurricane. Have a great weekend!

Our first September contest winner will be picked this weekend. Any in game item just by placing a number 1-100. Easy enough! Next contest up is our PSN gift card.

On our community news, we will officially have Ark as a supported game next week! Plus with “hopeful” new Conan map news coming out next week, should be a busy week for the admin team!

We have a few events that don’t require an actual build in the works. Will help have an event on the fly, to help players get more bronze coins in circulation.

All the news to report this week. Everybody have a great weekend. Enjoy your holiday weekend, if you are in the states.

In case nobody saw the new map content:

So, the new Conan map news isn’t the most ideal. Having to wait until early 2021, with no exact date, isn’t what most of us were hoping for. Still, we’ll keep pushing forward, trying to implement out of game content and a fun experience. Mini-Dungeons, thrall bounties, contests, fun events, etc.

Speaking of events, our second for September is currently up. A few selected players closest to the selected number battle it out in an event for a PSN card. A player a few days ago found an admin chest for a PSN card. One thing we try to do is to give back to our great community.

We also have our Ark server up off the ground, featuring two maps. For players involved with both, a great chance to cross play. Make trades in Ark for a Conan item, or vice versa!

Have a safe weekend everyone. If any questions about the Conan server, or the community, please let me know. Until next week!

Our quest line has been implemented this week! Having to add more content with the new map still a few months away, we think this will really help the player base along. Will give tasks within a story for players to complete during PVE days (M-F) as well on the weekends.

New event is being worked on. It takes in game currency to enter, but the rewards pay off, if you make the right selections. You can even win out of the game, real world prizes to boot!

Our second September contest will be concluded this weekend. Not too late for a player to enter, and level up, for a chance at a PSN card!

Quest line seems to be a big hit with the players. We have about 3 months worth of a quest line waiting to unfold. Should be fun to watch the story develop for the player base, see what choices they make, etc. Have to offer up as much original content as possible with the new map still months away.

Contest for the monthly gift card is tomorrow. We are glad to give back to our player base when we can. We are “hopefully” plotting to have a big prize towards the end of the year, which would be fantastic for whoever wins it.

Until some more updates next week, have a great weekend!

We have a questine battle coming up for this weekend. Participating players have chosen sides for this months quest, which will escalate with this weekends mega battle!

The last contest winner from this past weekend was a long time player in the server. Great to see him win the PSN card for all that he has given to the server. Thur helping new players, being an active member, to having a great player owned shop. It was a great battle between 5 competitors, but he was definitely a worthy victor. Next contest is up as well, so not too late to get established and enter.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are continuing to roll along. Finding new ways to give the player base new content, and preparing plans for the new map. The map is supposed to be somewhat barron, but we are figuring out ways to counteract that.