The Shattered Realms (PVE/C, PS4, Discord)

This weekend will be a good try out for our revamped weekend player base raiding system. Players enter the weekend raiding system any weekend they care to participate. They are matched with another clan for that weekend, where they have time to negotiate their rules for the raid. Admins only step in to settle a difference between the two sides they can’t iron out. Both the winner and loser receive some bronze coins from the admins, plus the loot they find during their raids.

If players don’t wish to enter the new system, that works as well. A player can still build a raid base, as well as raid anyone who hasn’t opted out, or into the new trial system.

We decided every weekend to give a boost to a certain setting in our slightly boosted settings. Last weekend we took our normal XP (2.5) and doubled it to 5.0 for the weekend. Worked out great helping newer players level, or current players to help level thralls. Every weekend during the month we’ll change a different setting to give our great player base an added boost.

New contest for our PSN gift card is up, with the winners to be picked next weekend. Not too late to enter, level up, and win yourself some an actual real world prize!

That’s all for this weeks server update. Everyone have a safe and fun upcoming weekend!

Our second questline is developing well. This weekend will be a small battle between two sides of the questline, to further the story line into the epic finally for next weekend!

Our added boost this weekend will be harvest. It will help newer players, or those looking to make a PVP base, build up faster with some extra materials. Even long time members will be able to stock up on materials, so it’s a good benefit to everyone really.

Our second monthly contest will be decided this weekend. Winner gets a PSN card, the server that gives back!

We are planning out a few fun things for Halloween this upcoming weekend. Should make for a fun, and interesting day, to say the least. So a lot going on this weekend and next. A good time to join up if you were thinking about doing so. Any questions, feel free to reach out and ask. Have a great weekend!

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I am currently playing on this server, today we are 3 Brazilians creating our clan, we entered the server at random and liked it a lot, I confess that I need to enter the discord and read the rules! if you see any construction of the “Mamulengos” clan know that it is us and we want to follow the rules of the server and create a good environment. Soon I will finish a tavern in the mining region for players to drink beer and dance.
See u.

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Welcome! Just shoot me a message at Armageto#0266 and we will help get you set up in the discord.

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The end of our October quest line will be this weekend. People really seemed to enjoy the first two months of it, so we actually have another quest line opening up soon as well. More out of game content is never a bad thing!

It’s an interesting weekend to join with Halloween Havoc starting tonight at midnight. We have a lot of surprises that will last all weekend long for the server. A lot of good in game loot to find/win this weekend, but with some unusual server settings! We plan on doing something fun every holiday the rest of the year.

Our first November contest ends next weekend, so not too late to enter there.

Everybody have a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

Halloween events seemed to be a big hit! We are going to take out from this past weekend what people liked most and incorporate them into our next holiday event on Thanksgiving. Planning on some fun events and giveaways for Christmas too, to end a bad year off the right way.

Our questline writer is making a nice end of year quest which should start up in a week or so. So it’s a good time to log on and take part of what should be a fun story for the server.

If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Armageto#0266 on Discord, which is required. PSN is Armageto80, if you need help setting up Discord, or it’s just an easier communication method for you. I check here daily as well, but the other two are faster.

Have a great weekend!

We are going to have a boosted XP weekend, on top of our normal slightly boosted setting. Will help new players level faster and easier thrall leveling. A couple of players are working on a new PVP build, so that will be helpful for everybody!

Our newest contest is up. Easy to enter, and plenty of time to level up, get the feel of the server, and prepare for battle if you are selected. Winner gets a real world prize!

Planning out some fun ideas for Thanksgiving. Halloween seemed to be a blast for players, so hopefully we can even do better for this holiday!

Everyone have a fun and safe upcoming weekend. Virus looks like it is kicking back into high gear out there. Stay safe!!

We have some real fun things planned for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. In and out of game items to be won, even gift cards! Players really seemed to like Halloween, so improving on that with more of a Thanksgiving theme.

We are changing with the times as well. We are tinkering with the server as well for the overall improved experience for the player base. We are adjusting the admin base raiding system to offer more for players who enter. We are adding an extra monthly contest and redoing the entry system. Now better out of game prizes will be offered, with players having mire chances to enter. Also adjusting our server economy a little, to let any player have the chance to own a prosperous shop in the server.

Our added boost to our already slight boosts will be for harvest this weekend. Great time to join up, being able to get more resources to build up. Plus with everything going on next weekend, you’ll be right in the swing of things!

Hopefully everybody has a nice upcoming weekend, plus a great Thanksgiving (If you celebrate it). Hope to see some new players in game soon!

We are finishing up our ideas for Thanksgiving weekend. Should be a lot of fun! Some in and out of game prizes to give away, and some admin spawn only items as well. Enough time for anyone interested to find a new server to level up before hand and give it a go. A nice past weekend rush of new players as well, so if you are looking to join a clan from scratch, you should be able to find multiple players to do it with.

We are already planning to do something great for the Xmas holiday. We really enjoy giving back to the community, and setting up these holiday events. If you are in the states, have a great Thanksgiving!

If you need a fun and really well managed server this is it!

Have benen playing around with Conan on various servers until i got in contact with Armageto and Conan became fun we have been running through a few servers now and this managed by Arma is by far THE best!

Friendly and helpful community and constant events!

Join today for a top notch server!

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