The Shattered Veil Roleplay Server (US)

The Shattered Veil Roleplay Server (US, Washington DC)

The Shattered Veil is an 18+ private roleplay server based in the Conan lore and lore of the exiled lands. We play on the Exiled Lands map. Our server is a collaborative world building project amongst all our roleplayers which means as long as your idea is anchored in the lore, we are open to implementing your custom storyline/creation into the server canon. Shattered Veil’s server mods are experienced and tenured roleplayers who have managed large and successful roleplay communities in games like World of Warcraft and D&D. We welcome roleplayers of all skill levels and ideas (again this is a collaborative effort with our community. The mods don’t believe in crushing creativity). Link to Application:


Is this a modded server? Yes. We currently run nearly 30 mods (most are decorative and transmog based however).

Complete Mod List
Better Thralls
Immersive Armor
Improved Quality of Life
Savage Steel
Kerozards Paragon Leveling v2.3.7
Banquet Decorations
Beyond Decor
Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition
Beyond Stations
Crucial Decorations
Deco & Placeables
Devious Desires
Heathen Trinkets
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Northern Timber
Ravencrest Couriers
Shadows of Skelos Vol 2
Shadows of Skelos Extended
Barbarian Barber [vers. 3.6.2]
Exile Gastrologist
High Heels System 3.2.5
Tot ! Chat 1.0.4
Tot ! Admin 0.0.6
Roleplay Redux
Sudo Exile
Thralls are alive

Server Settings
XP rate: 1.2
Gathering Rate: 2
Day/Night Ratio: 1:1
Hunger/Thirst settings: 1/1
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: Yes (Please see altar rules)
Containers Ignore Ownership: No (Please see note about clan ownership)
The Purge Activated: No (This will be activated if requested for specific times)

Peak Play Times: US Eastcoast evenings (5pm and later)

Do you have discord? Yes! We have a private discord dedicated to the crafting and building of this roleplay server where you can chat OOC and IC at your leisure. It helps inspire us when roleplayers are active and wanting. Make the mods work!

PvP? Yes and no! We’re a primarily PvE and text based roleplay server. However! This doesn’t mean our players can’t voluntarily engage in PvP conflict. PvP remains turned off 100% of the time, but the mods are more than happy to engage the PvP functions if players wish to resolve conflict or add stakes to a storyline!

How do clans work then? Due to the type of community we’re hoping to foster, you will be in the main (and only) clan. This is for ease of roleplay so that thralls and doors aren’t problems (no matter what your actual rp relationship is). But with this trust comes a big rule. Please respect other players’ stuff. If you decide to be a jerk, you will be kicked off the server without remorse.

At the end of the day, we recognize that everyone worked hard to build their homes and characters and gather resources. That must be respected amongst the whole community. We have no problems with roleplay conflicts where this particular sanctuary style mindset is set aside, but consent is a MUST. We expect you to act like adults and kind people.

ERP Info:
We operate the mod Devious Desires, so we DO allow erp. However, we are not an ERP focused/centric server. Any sexual content must be related to the story being played/created and all parties must consent to participation.

IC Death Mechanics:
We operate on a roll based, consent based system. Characters and players may engage in permadeath if that is what the players agree to. Otherwise, fatality is not permissible.

General Operations Info

We don’t have a limit on building or resources. This server will remain fairly small because it’s just easier to manage a small community. We aren’t interested in managing a massive fulltime immersive situation. Just know that now.

OOC Conan gameplay:

As stated, no limits on building or resources. Just play the game and have fun. If you want to run OOC content and grind out materials gathering or battle pass levels or whatever? Go for it. Enjoy the PvE content to your heart’s desire. Don’t feel obligated to complete game objectives or leave them untouched because of roleplay. This is first and foremost A GAME. So play it <3


We have accelerated resource gathering turned on because frankly we can’t be bothered to farm slowly. We’re here to roleplay, not grind materials. THAT BEING SAID! PLEASE PLEASE be advised we have accelerated EVERYTHING. So if you are thrall taking, pet taming, egg hatching, farming, etc….WATCH YOUR STUFF. Food will spoil SUPER fast and that will cause your wheel to stop turning. We recommend just going AFK near the pain wheels if you’re doing ooc thralling or animal taming. WATCH YOUR COMPOST BOXES!!! Anything you put in those boxes will ZOOM decompose!!! PLEASE do not walk away for more than 7-8 mins at a time if you’re hatching eggs!!! You’ll come back to corpses and sadness.

The Main storyline/Worldbuilding

The Shattered Veil takes place roughly 20 years after the exile lands’ ghost wall has been destroyed, opening the world up once more for trade and travel.

Currently, we have two storylines/characters with established bases and lore. There are a few other roleplayers still working on building theirs. This server is hardcore and casual friendly (we recognize that real life happens and should take priority). So if you’re looking for a Conan exiles lore anchored world with limitless possibilities for world building, and experienced roleplayers who want to tell a good story, consider joining us!

There are several factions/people (with room for more!) already in play. The main two that are currently completed are The Ophion Academy of Plant and Animal Sciences and The Sapphire Isle. Within these worlds you are 100% free to create a character/story that blends. For example, if you’re interested in playing a student or teacher at the Academy, or a merchant who lives at the Sapphire Isles, go for it!

-The Ophion Academy of Plant and Animal Sciences is a major cultural hub where scientists and animal handlers from all over come to train and learn their craft skills. Doctors, herbalists, alchemists and animal experts are carefully curated at this massive institution. Located in the western exiled territory just north of the free city Sepermeru (follow the roads through the Oasis). The campus holds prestige and diplomatic relations with all major factions and kingdoms. This place is a paradise in the desert where seekers of knowledge can explore the mysteries of magic and science.

-The Sapphire Isle is one of the largest centers of trade and political influence that has risen in recent years. The Isle was founded by an exiled sorcerer, who was appalled by the brutality the Exiled Lands demanded of those sentenced there. Through a combination of magical prowess and trade agreements with local factions a safe haven was raised along the banks of the southern river. Now led by the late sorcerer’s apprentice and protected by the Cerulean Guard, The Sapphire Isle offers a place for exiles to find a new home and a peaceful life in the harsh landscape.

One of our work in progress factions is the Kingdom in the North. They control the black ice trade.

-Norþriki dominates the northern lands, from the Highlands to the Mounds of the Dead, to the frozen mountains in the North. Norþriki is ruled by Jofur Sigtrygg “the One-Eyed” Gormsson. Sigtrygg rules from his seat at the mighty hall, Harhol, in the city of Gormshamar.

Link to Application: