The State of Base defense and raiding

Please do NOT apply any further nerfs to sorcery! Since the last nerfs and the recent stamina changes a sorcerer build has never been more unviable than it is now. It is simply not competitive in its current state.


A worthy topic of discussion.
As a solo PvPer, this one generally agrees, with exception.

Let’s start small, the exception.
Removing the bat, or bridge for that matter.
No, please, let’s not.
Instead, this one would suggest either a modification of and reissue of the God Bubble, such that it creates a no sorcery zone rather than no archery and the like.
Failing that, add a new recipe or such to the magic circle that would create a warded field that blocks non clan members spells.

Heh, if thrall archers were half as accurate as non property people with bows, they could dispatch bat cav, but that is obviously asking the improbable.

On to the long form and agreements.
This one doesn’t always play PvP, but when they do, it’s almost always solo.
Simply put, raiding (other than those small choice nearly unraidable locations) is too easy. And only a third of that is because the other people on server are… the kind of animal that lives not long in nature and has no opportunity to pass on it’s… particular evolutionary choices… to the next generation. The rest is because sword (read IEDs) shattered shield (read: base structural integrity and defensive options) long ago.

This one’s solutions, first of all, would be directed only to PvP servers. PvE is a different animal and does not need these. So these should be admin panel options.

Add an animation for setting explosives. At least as long as bandaging. If interrupted, the explosive is lost, if it completes, the explosive is planted on the spot the animation took place.

Vastly expand the hp for Walls and permanent structures. Except doors and gates. Couples to this, the ability to replace building pieces is removed. Existing pieces must be removed before a new piece placed.

As for the items mentioned in the OP, the thrall pot and raid window specifics seem especially utile. It may discourage certain scouting activities.
This one has lost count of how many times they have been loitering in an enemy base, emoting taunts at the tigers and zerkers sitting there off duty.

So, items 1,3, and 5 are this one’s favourites.
Especially as this one strongly desires more traps and defensive options for the fortress and was saddened that sorcery didn’t include cursed wards and triggered afflictions.


Good idea replacing god bubble with anti magic bubble and this would also help to keep bat useful when searching for sky bases (people building in the sky because they are cheating)
So if cheaters want to have a anti magic bubble first they need to reveal their position! (similar to the current altar)

adding animation when putting explosives sounds pretty fun and forcing the attacker to be in harms way for a period of time.



Would rather see a placeable that forces the bat to drop you if you enter the area of effect.


Skybases and Undermesh bunkers, while atrocious and obviously cheating mcspoiltersons…
Are not having their popularity eroded by the offense vs defense balance in play.
There are some people who always use ever dirty trick in the book.
Others will resort to duplicity when they feel they are acted against unfairly. Whether by other players, or rigged system.
We don’t read much praise for the enforcement quality on PvP servers here…

Obvious 'sploits aside, this one is always loathe to have anything removed from the game. It diminishes the property as a whole and flushes down the porcelain throne an opportunity for an in game counter.
Conflict should always be increasing it’s dimensions and nuances, rather than becoming less dynamic than it was.

Also, this one likes to stick to in game assets in features. We already know it is possible to have a defined area coded no Sorcery, just as a wall can be coded unclimbable. Finding new ways to apply existing mechanics, hypothetically, should be low hanging fruit for evening out problems, easier than creating entirely new systems.

The one thing this one severely despises on every level is the psionic IED system.
This one can instantaneous assemble an explosive charge, bringing it into existence many meters away. And people say we can’t have fast cast fireball…

Why in the cluck would anyone use a trebuchet, with it’s absurd (even in impending update) construction time and anoyance when they can instead use immediate telekinetic thermo-detonators?
The speed at which things are done or constructed is so extremely inconsistent.


I don’t think that devs will erase their own work and effort, especially the bats that’s the coolest thing sorcery has. So let’s not stumble in to particular requests and give some more pvp issues that the already existed mechanisms creating unfair feelings. @Ethel does not want either meant these mechanisms to be erased from pve or pve-c, just from pvp. However this solution is surely never in devs plans. Yet there are people from the pvp community, like @Kilix for example, who enjoy the sorcery update in pvp.
All the opinions must have place and through them the best to be done.

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exactly! thank you.
i really would prefer to not mess with the pve players, we all know that our communities are incompatible by nature maybe having different server settings would be an “easy” solution that changes certain aspects, but of course that is the cheap solution.
The good solution would to implement ideas like @DelRioServerMaster suggest.

You are right, your idea is better than mine, the only reason why i suggested it is because, in my mind it would be easier to simply remove it. i really don’t know how much hard could be to add such placeable from a dev perspective.

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Well as a sorcerer who worked to level up my spells I say no to removing bat lol, I think mercenaries such as in the new purge could help, should not be easy to raid a base I agree, but you should not be risk free either, I think you could have a friendly encampment that will defend your base much like how the new purge will attack your base. You will be able to set guards at doors and soon archers on walls.

So it could work out that your encampment slowly brings out more difficult defenders, so then it’s up to your guards, golem etc to slow down the enemy in time for the encampment help to arrive? Would make it more fast paced, agree with making the walls have much more hitpoints.

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I believe since we speak about defense it’s good to speak about a mechanism that lacks and gives advantage to the attacker.
There’s no warning system that your base is been attacked. Every new player will return to an already broken base and every old player will have to check the event log all the time.
I know that boss fights are now fast but the fact that i have to check my event log often it’s both annoying and dangerous.
I remember getting killed by a horse rider in unnamed city because i stopped to check my event log.
Then again you 'll tell me, hey Stelios, that’s why we play on official servers because in raid hours we stay home or raid…
Ok if you raid you deserve to be raided, but for the ones who don’t want to raid it’s absolutely boring to stay in at raid hours and not productive at all. It’s simply boring. So i believe a mechanic that will warn you about building dmg or distant followers dmg would be awesome.

People are correct in that currently the balance is greatly in favor of “attacking” instead of “defending”.

But on the other hand the idea is to build more and have backup bases instead of having one big base with insurmountable defense… This is evidenced by the harvest modifiers on official pvp server (4x) which makes it so its relatively easy to bounce back after being raided.

That is a different point of view compared to how things USED to be, and Im not sure everyone has realized it yet.


  • nerf explosives
  • add useful siege engines
  • buff sorcery (call of the dead, lightning storm) and do not nerf it, sorcery is barely of any use anyway.

ps. Anti-climb is a stupid thing anyway. People should stop crying about the bat.

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What? So you would rather have your base open? xD
Pillar bases used to be more or less viable precisely due to the anticlimb and even those bases were pretty weak and vulnerable to trebs attacks.

i remember one time that we got attacked by 5 trebs at the same time,(they prepared before raid hours) it was pretty funny our base got obliberated even when we managed to stop 2 trebs.
i actually have some cool footage from the day before they came back with 5 trebs xD

When you are in inferior numbers, defending a pillar base at some point becomes a resource war and since most, if not all the people we fight seem to have infinite explosives, we decided to never build a pillar base ever again. And this was before the bat. Now you have to be suicidal to have a pillar base.

So what is the result?
number of viable bases decreases, making the problem of only able to build on certain spots bigger.

And those spots are always occupied or claimed by the enemy clan to prevent us from building.

As @Ethel said, not unbreakable but much harder. I would like to see different building pieces, “fortification like” to use exclusively on the outside. You could make them in a way that it would be impossible to place them in a parallel row for x squares, for instance. A fortification set, or a few, with very high hp and anti climb included in the piece. Instead of the god bubble, we could have temples creating a no-fly zone too.

The building system as it is forces players to abuse it if they want a small modicum of defense.

Also, thralls on a “guard base mode” should have higher hp and dmg modifiers. They could only be placed in such mode on owned land. That would avoid them being OP when adventuring. Call it a “moral boost” for being “home”.
There are a few good ideas around and @Ethel made a fine summary.

It goes without saying purges had to be readjusted.

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Do you remember your topic about pvp?
We’re getting there :wink:!

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No. Have a roof.

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Agree!:+1: People need to start thinking in terms of buffs as opposed to nerfs. Better to buff roof pieces than nerf bats.


The problem with this is doors are placeables. And excessive placeables can be bannable as it causes the server lag and rendering issues with larger bases. I’ve seen bases that have had 180 doors.

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What I would like to see are plans added to the carpenters bench that create placeable seige defenses. Give me foundation sized murder holes that project a spear attack 2 foundations out. Give me turrets that shoot arrows at hostile actors within a fixed cone area that let me load in different arrows. Make it so captured (unplaced) thralls are part of the crafting requirements. Something, anything. Hell, replace the god bubble with an item that produces an aura that increases damage and armor for all defensive thralls within a radius (to ahem give religion a function). Or make the buff religion specific (ie; the mitra aura constantly heals defensive thralls, the yog aura gives them more damage, the set one increases armor etc).

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Since max decay would still beb10 days, anything beyond that would be subject to ToS interpretation. Maybebeach door adds 1 day, so 10 doors and then only an idiot would use more, simce walls and foundations could have thier HP bumped l. Creating doors as a choke point, as they should be.

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