The state of the game

Since the release of Siptah my server in the Exiled Lands is dead quiet. So there is not much to do for me since I’ve played all the content 6 times over.
I’ve tried to play Siptah after launch few times, but until now the servers were all so busy so that its just no fun.
This weekend I decided to try again because things on Siptah seemed to have calmed down. But then I ran into servers looking like this:

I mean common … Its not just one clan, it’s several. They take the best spots and they don’t even build a base, they just cram it with foundation pieces so no-one else can use it.

Not only does it make a beautiful game hideously ugly, it also prevents new players from joining a server.

With the Exiled lands deserted and Siptah being unplayable I’ve now retreated to single player. I don’t like where the game is at right now. Before Siptah came out many people said it would break the game in two. I feel like that is exactly what happened and both parts of the game are now equally unattractive.

Please report this with dm to @Community.
That is the kind of thing they are supposed to take action against.

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Thanks.I will.

the same to me, tried to play online, but all servers are in this foundation crap without base.

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