The sugestions of Croms Faithful

Just wanted to add my own suggestions to the list of existing ones. To the best of my knowledge, some of these are new and have not been suggested yet, however many have also been requested numerous times in the past. Therefore, I wish lend them my voice and support. I am not certain how feisable some of these are on a technical level; just putting them out there and gauging the consensus. They are:

1. New Combat Attacks:
(Arguably the most boring or divisive one) Charged attack-I feel it would nice to be able to hold down the heavy attack button for 1-2 sec for a slightly delayed stronger attack. Downwards thrust-as the name suggests, a downwards strike on a grounded opponent. Jump attack-as simple as it sounds, and useful for attacking opponents above you or those trying climb escape. Run in attack-when at full sprint, a quick lunge or opener attack.

2. Crossbows:
I am aware that crossbows were previously in the game during early access, but were removed. I for one would REALLY like to see crossbows return in some form or capacity. It could have a higher damage level than longbows, but a much slower fire rate as a trade off!? Devs…is there any chance of them making a return, and if not may we ask why?

3. Salvage Table:
A new potential crafting table. In some areas and biomes, I quite often happen upon high quality weapons, shields and tools (eg-hardened steel daggers and shields, ancient warhammers, steel swords). There are no in game vendors, and my thralls are already armed to the teeth. It seems such a shame to discard such high quality weaponry! My suggetion is that this bench would break it down (essentially scrap it) for raw materials. Eg- an iron war axe could return 2 iron bars and 1 leather, etc.

4. Armour Display Racks/Manequinns:
A big ‘PLEASE…’ accompanies this one. Something in a similar vein as the skyrim ones, but with a CE style. I have seen this one requested numerous times over, and I genuinely dont understand the reluctance or hesitancy to add this feature. Unless it would be too difficult on a technical level…!? I would not know. Devs either way, please give us a definate yes or no on this one; it has been requested so many times!

5. Double Doors & Larger Windows:
Another one I have seen requested frequently; especially the double doors. The windows could still be 1 tile wide too, just larger.

6. More Decorations/Furnishings:
This one has also come up quite often on the forums. Especially after the last two DLCs. I have even seen a number of decorations at enemy camps, which Im sure players would love to learn recipes for and have at their own bases! For example, impaled/crucified skeletons found in the deep desert where the player starts, skull tree decorations at dafari camps, butchers meat racks at black hand camps, straw practice dummies in highlands camps, blacksmiths anvils. There are dozens of background furnishings which Im sure many players would love to have access to, but current can not. A step further…!? Imp, serpentman, were-hyena and frost giant head trophies please.

7. A Smaller Vault:
One which would fit more comfortably inside a modest sized home, but has a smaller capacity than the existing one. Perhaps 1×1×1 foundation size or thereabouts.

8. Monty Python Themed Armours:
What can I say, Im a fan! I sincerley doubt that this would ever come to pass though, and I am only half serious.

9. Radium Gem as Portable Lighting:
It would be highly beneficial if we could forge a helmet or crown (similar to the Atlantean Crown) with a radium gem mounted into it (or on the bracelet) to serve as a source of light in the dark. This would make life sooo much easier when dragging a captured thrall back to ones base at night time. You wouldnt believe the number of times I have literally ran straight of a cliff, and plummeted to my ultimate demise! This would leave both hands free.

10. Obelisks are Marked on the Map after Discovery:
Yes I know I could simply add my own marker. However, I feel that obelisks are important points of reference, and should have there location marked on the map like any point of interest post discovery.

11. More Devious Uses for Dung:
Warfare isnt just physical, its psychological too. It would be great to be able to use a dung barrage as trebuchet ammo, or even dung orbs. Nicole mentioned this too. If you are reading this, back us up on this one :wink:

12. More Brutality:
Thralls chained to boulders, in cages, you name it. We are conquerers in a savage world after all! The ability to have skull trees and impaled skeletons at home would really improve the atmosphere around the house.

13. Rival NPC Faction Raids:
Have the factions (eg relic hunters, dogs of the desert, etc) randomly attack each others camps here and there. Simply watching say a few black hand attacking a dafari camp randomly would be cool to behold and fuel a more engaging environment.

14. At this stage my final, and by far most passionate suggestion. This will be making an appearance in its own thread really soon…

In the meantime, let me know what you all think.


I vote for it! There are quite some mods offering such functions but of course they can’t work with DLCs and with objects added by other mods. I think that such table must return more materials for any object that you can craft yourself (not only weapon but clothes and placeables as well) and some base quantity for the rest depending on weapon/armor Tier. Almost broken items would give less materials than unused ones. And if you put some Thrall into this workstation, he/she would give effect just as in all the other stations - speed up scraping and raise quantity of higher level materials received.

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Hey thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Glad you like it. I always liked the idea of a salvage table, it makes good practical sense. I honestly didnt think of the level of damage to the item aspect idea though, but I like it. It adds another layer to this, and agree that items in better condition should yield more returns than heavily damaged ones. And a Scavver thrall would be cool, and should have some said benefit too.

Brilliant suggestions! I totally agree with each one. I especially like the more evil and brutal decorations and torture stuff. But literally everything would be an equally welcome addition IMO.

Except maybe the Monty Python stuff hahaha! I would settle for more Barbarian / Viking armor and weapons and one thing I would really like is a new weapon type based on the Jhebbal Sag claws, Basically those glove weapons Arni wore in the movies. Like monk fist weapons Conan style!

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Hey there,

Wow, that is an amazingly concise collection of suggestions right here. I will make sure to share them with our team and hopefully some of them will be implemented over time.
I am personally a fan of the Salvage table, that would add a new layer to the game and make all that plentiful loot a bit more useful.
About the Monty Python DLC armor, I cannot conceive such an addition unless we can add killer rabid bunnies into the critter spawn tables. Now THAT would be survival.



Could we also add an orb that looks strikingly similar to holy hand grenade of Antioch if the vorpal bunny is making an appearance?


Cheers for the good word Necro. I agree that more brutality is a must. A line of impaled skeletons or chained up thralls on the path heading up to ones front door would be cool. And yes I know the gauntlets you speak of; theyre definately brutal.

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Thanks for the kind words Ignasis, again. Yeah the salvage table seems to be getting the most nods so far. Although I think that a good few people are starting to clamour for additional decorations too.

Regarding the Monty Python goodies- Hahaha! Oh darn, and here I was hoping for a thrall who would run along behind me clapping two coconut shells together! Hahaha. No in seriousness, this one was just for a laugh, and better off played out in my head. Thanks for considering my suggestions.

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I once threw a demonfire orb at one while picturing that scene. :wink:


May not be the mounts every one wants, but it is the one we deserve:)


That depends… how did the coconuts get to the exiled lands? I have never seen any African or English swallows

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We could also add a thrall that flees from the player on sight. Brave Sir Robin, who ran away.
(We won’t though, sorry! :wink: )



Quite frankly, all of the ideas here are solid! I’ve been wishing for a sprint or jump attack for a while!

I think being able too steel eachothers bases in a capture the flag sense would be cool. Probably tough to implement, but it would be pretty cool lol.

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Can we at least add some additional shrubbery? :joy::joy:



Ironically, when ever i tried harvesting Derketo priests (especially when they were first fixed on officials), about 75% of the time i would swear they were yelling “Run away, Run away” when they nose dived off the cliffs. I lost like 10 arch priests because of that :slight_smile:


I love to get in game chat and hurl insults at my enemies from atop my lollipop castle.

So would you then be in favor adding cattle to available items for the trebuchet? And unclogging your nose as a new emote then?


I’m not seeing any new ideas that haven’t already been noted in the last few months. Humbug!

Only if you can cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring.

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