The Summoning: Did they change spawns here in any way recently?

hm. Is it just me or did they do something with the spawn in Summoning Place? Multiple NPC’s missing on the outside area, the 2 at the entrance itself, 1 or 2 by the second stairs, several on the area right after second stairs where the named crafter sometimes spawn, atleast 2 on the left side Cannibal Brute area. none missing by the altar , 1 missing on right side of the altar near the sorcerer tho, 2 at the stairs for right side Cannibal Brute area and the Cannibal Brute itself there is also missing.
It seems to be less npc’s there than before and/or a change it what spawnsand i am not sure if it is on funcoms side or just for me and a mod(i have only added 1 mod since the new season began and thats an armor mod), that could be causing it. Running server on Gportal.

It’s not your mods, it’s the update to the base game. Funcom decimated all of the major settlements, like the Summoning Place, New Asagarth, and Mounds of the Dead.

So is pretty much the whole update. Along with decimating the cities, they also reduced the aggro range and made the NPC leash ridiculously short.

Ok thank you. That is dissapointing to put it mildly…
Managed to delete previous post, forums when on phone is not for me :innocent:

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