The Sun never sets in Age of Sorcery, & the Moon has an impossible orbit

I’ve come back to the game after some time and I noticed that the Sun no longer sets and there is no night time. Instead, the sun circles a path, going around what would approximate high noon but never reaching it. Imagine the map being tidally locked to the Sun with the planet having it’s rotational axis pointed in the general direction of the Sun that makes the Sun draw a circle in the sky. What follows is an eclipse of the Moon, however the Moon traces a path to intersect the Sun, then locks with the Sun on an impossible new direction for the duration of the eclipse, then unlocks and leaves the Sun’s path. Essentially the Moon dose a 90 turn to follow the Sun for the eclipse, then does another 90 degree turn to leave the Sun at the end of the eclipse.
This is a bug right?

  • Vanilla game (no mods)
  • Pre-Age of Sorcery saved game.
  • game settings not changed from prio to Age of Sorcery.

Ah, but your first mistake was assuming the Exiled Lands exist on a planet, earth or any other.

It sounds like you’ve got a lot of patch notes to catch up on @MorpheusKajiir. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a bug. :wink:

Well … to quote a fairly popular song from back in the day:

“It’s a kind of magic!”

That’s a shame, I miss the sunsets and night time.

I’m pretty sure we won’t be stuck with this “Phenomenon of Evil” forever.
(crossing fingers just in case).

You could make bet the eclipse is only around till the end of the chapter. The kurak encounter will be finished.

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