The Swan Dive - Observation and Suggestion

For me, the Swan Dive is the best thing about the Age of War update, so far.

I am not against the rebalance/reclassification of Legendary items, or the combat changes, but they do not substantially affect my gameplay, so I take them in stride and move forward.

But the Swan Dive is just plain fun.

With that, two observations/suggestions:

  1. The roll mechanic uses a gymnastic over the neck roll rather than a combat shoulder roll. How about a shoulder roll because it would look cooler and transition into a fighting stance better?

  2. The entry to water merely transitions to swimming, with no dive end mechanic. How about using the current land dive end roll for water entry, then transition to swimming?

Is any of this important? Absolutely not. But it’s been on my mind for a bit and, now, it’s not.


I just find it crazy that they add stuff like this to the game when there are so many other things that need to be fixed.


Probably had an AI that did some algorythm on use of swan dives in Assasins Creed games and came up with as a reason people like that game lol.

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You are not wrong.

animators don’t tend to do bug fixing

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They should. As should the musicians, the foley artists, the webmasters, the writers, the designers, the accountants, and everyone else. Even the uber and door dash drivers in Cary, NC that bring random food as well as the caterers from the local Chick-fil-a (even on Sundays) that might bring the fruit salad should all fix the bugs. Heck get Harald V in there as well.

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