The targeting system

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Targeting enemies with Q is very frustrating, its definitely not accurate and shouldnt prioritize players in PvE servers. It should target whoever is in your crossaim range and there should have a buttom we could automatically skip to another nearby target, the way it is feels its rather random, it definitely never targets whoever you need most!

Always ends up targeting my teammates from my clan 5 feet to my left instead of the enemy directly in front of me

I see only one use for it and that is auto follow, target someone then switch on auto run. as long as they don’t climb or jump over something.

This is another one of those things Funcom claimed to have fixed in a previous patch. So much for that, eh?

Well i think the " switch target " button is a great idea indeed…but definetly…a targeting system is needed…it is vital for a tactic combat i think. Both combinrd would do a great combat system…when not bugged of course…since half of the hits does miss even when the target is locked.