The tavern in Sepermeru

I live near Sepermeru and I go to the tavern quite often for two main reasons:

  • Loot the chest on the roof
  • Eliminate corruption from the dancers when I am returning from a trip.

I think the tavern should be a little more lively place.
Here are some suggestions:

  • Currently in the tavern you can only buy iced tea from the merchant at the counter … but is it a tavern or an oratory?!?
    The merchant should sell alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and food. It would be nice to get drunk in the tavern!
  • Drug dealer: in a dark corner of the tavern there should be another merchant that sells preparations with various lotus flowers. They cost a lot, but if consumed suddenly they make you highly drunk (it is better to have an antidote, as for alcohol). Drugs sold by the merchant give temporary bouns to attributes such as alcohol.
  • Populate the tavern with a few customers. Maybe two sitting and one standing …
  • Regarding Conan … it would be nice if after meeting Razma you could go back to him and give him the information he asks for. After giving him the information Conan disappear from the tavern and if you want to find him you have to go to Razma’s house (maybe with other possibilities of dialogue … it could be Conan and Razma to tell the player about the new map? ).

the tavern used to be the best place to knock out lvl 3 dancers.
Now with the bums outside, you have to take them out first.

Any more customers and you will have a riot on your hands

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Come on, it’s a +18 game!
I’m not talking about something off topic.
In the Hyborian era it is normal to use drugs of all kinds for both ritual and recreational purposes.
The photo of the initial post is taken from the first film.
That’s a drug dealer who says, “Styx lotus, the best!”
After buying the lotus from the drug dealer, Conan and Subotai consume it and arrive at the dromedary’s fist scene.

Have you talked to Nunu the cannibal?
He informs us about the lotus flowers and visions and invites us to try them all … so …

Alcohol is also a drug, and we have an already functioning alcohol system in the game.
Do you suggest prohibition?

Yes, I think it makes the tavern more alive. It would also take a more comprehensive food and drink menu. It would be nice to have some chance of dialogue with the patrons.

You are right. I thought about it too. It was just a proposal.

And it would be right! It is a tavern and if you start a fight you will have to suffer the consequences …


Sometimes it just conan and dancers…sometimes there girl who sells stuff on side and someone waling in back.

It be nice if few people were sitting about. Lore bits on town or something. I’m surpised the town only has the one bar…

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I like the ideas you have plus i agree that i wouldn’t like to see a drug dealer to the game. No matter if it is a plus 18 game, drug dealers has no position anywhere. You can have an alchemist merchant selling lotus potions and not a drug dealer. You can have priests selling all the goods of their religions. Yes we want more merchants, plus we need traders. All this leather from the effort to make tar is useless. After one week of gaming you drop down the leather from the tannery, because you already have 3 chests of it. I would love the idea of a trader to go and sell super cheap my extras than throwing them to the ground. Plus i believe that when you hold to many chests in your base then is the time that you are floating in you house. We need traders

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One or the other solution is fine. Having more merchants with more goods would be nice.
To be able to sell our objects and slaves would be magnificent!

About the slave / gladiator market watch this thread:

Hear what the old drug dealer says:
"Hey man, come closer … Arnold as Conan has his character and permanent place in the tavern. Valeria and Subotai are available as statues in the Riddle of Steel DLC. Why should I, Ron Cobb, not have a part in this game? … In any case … Styx black lotus, the best! "

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I had a much bigger view of what the cabaret should be, really something bigger, much bigger, with a large number of NPCs at least about 30 NPCs dancing, and drinking from the pot, sitting at tables … a real tavern.

I even understand that at the time funcom didn’t have a lot of skills for that, but for the next map I really expect more complex “biomes”, I mean scene biomes, funcom’s animations today show no reality, no naturalness, no there is a concern for the environment with NPCs acting in a similar way to real life, I do not believe this is applied to the existing map, but certainly in the new map we all expect more complex and filled environments.

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This never going to work for multiplayer. I cannot meet conan because some dude already went endgame and back. Doesn’t make sense, and with the new games from funcom and the new map coming up you are very ingenuous into thinking they’ll ever overhaul the map again.

This would be nice, but I don’t think Funcom is going to rewamp the whole area … We need a bigger tavern for this!
This could happen with the new map … maybe …
Obviously I think of the current map that I believe will continue to be used by the players and improved as much as the new map (for now only imaginary since there is NO certain news). Mine are just suggestions for small changes to the current environment. Nothing that costs too much effort for a programmer …

Well, we have already talked about it:


I don’t think Funcom will ever abandon the old map. Commercially it would not make sense.
Instead, I believe both maps will be implemented. There will be players who use them both and must have the same game quality or it would be better to let CE2 come out. It’s not the right discussion, but I think it’s wrong to think that the new map will cause the old one to become depopulated.

I don’t know how it works in ARK, but I have heard that the maps are linked together and you can travel anywhere with your PG. If Funcom did something similar then the new map would ONLY be an extension of the old one and NOT a new game.
So every improvement would be applied to both maps.

Of course they’ll still maintain it, but not overhaul it.

The game is already depopulated, because of diverse reasons, have you seen the twitch section? 200 concurrent viewers in the whole section. There was another post from some guy who actually played all of funcom games and gave a clear comment on their incompetence with dealing with the pvp crowd.(incompetence not as in offence but as in unable to deal with the comunity and with nerfs)

They have a blueprint that copy the character. dinos and items from server to server using obelisks, atlas instead makes the world border a big teleport portal, while other games like worlds adrift uses SpatialOS where players are actually in different servers but the player doesn’t notice and everything is rendered seamlessy like you where on a single server.
I made a post some weeks ago saying they should make something like that, even inter-server obelisk teleport if spatialos is too expensive, with a 9 grid servers cluster, where the central square should only be POI and monuments with no building privileges, I think we were talking game features and changing the claim mechanic from block claim to bench claim, like in rust, and the server discussion came along.

Ah ah ah, it’s carzy…
The topic: NEW MAP is in almost all discussions of the SUGGESTIONS part. It is comprensible…
I think Funcom triggered a useless (or wanted) psychosis.
Maybe it’s a commercial move …

The suggestions I am proposing with my posts (including Arena for SP-PVE-PVP) are all small changes that are easy to implement and that do not require long hours of programming.
For example, in the Arena post I suggest adding a tool linked to existing admin functions.

In this post I suggest adding NPCs to the tavern. Nothing difficult for those who created the game.

Lotus-based drugs use the same system as alcohol.
Again 80% of the work is already done.

I only play in SP because I would be very disadvantaged to play in PVP or PVE. I don’t always manage to play with some continuity and sometimes I take months’ breaks. In an online server I would be penalized compared to other more active players and because of the decay system.
So I had heard of the depopulation of online servers, but I never had any perception of it.

Thank you for the explanation.
Personally I would prefer to avoid other obelisks in favor of a passage by ship (it’s an example …).

In any case (obelisks, ships, pink ponies, etc …) Funcom will have to make implementations and modifications to the current map.
This is to make sense of the new map.
So you will need new NPCs, new lores and maybe a new location on the current map (location that allows the connection between the two maps - example: sacred mountain or forgotten temple for the obelisk or a small city with a port in the north east part of the current map, just above the Black Hand ship).

Here the Sepermeru tavern could be a good point to discover some news of the new land by some NPCs (maybe Conan?).

Adding a good menu list to the tavern would lead players to frequent it more (especially in the case of cooked food that can be found ONLY in the tavern).

About the drug dealer … this is a nice addition and a tribute to Ron Cobb (that he was an active part of the 1982 film production - if you don’t know who he is, look for him on the web).


I’m Waiting For The Man…

I’m waiting for my man
Got twenty-six gold coins in my hand
Up to the tavern in Sepermeru the City of the Relic Hunters
Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive
I’m waiting for my man
Hey, exile, what you doin’ uptown?
Hey, exile, you chasin’ our women around?
Oh pardon me sir, it’s the furthest from my mind
I’m just waiting for a dear, dear friend of mine
Waiting for my man
Here he comes, he’s all dressed in black
Beat up shoes and a big straw hat
He’s never early, he’s always late
First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait
I’m waiting for my man

-Velvet Bard from Underground-

Says the person that has never been to a good club.

I used to have a pretty serious crimson lotus powder habit but one day I just quit cold turkey. Now I can use it or not, but don’t feel the need to do some every time I leave the base.


Seriously? Slavery, cannibalism, cold blooded murder, plundering, human sacrifice… and a drugdealer gets you folks outraged?

Thanks , I just laughed so hard while I read all this :rofl:

I like the Ideas… Have a nice day everyone.

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Instead, I often use massive doses of alcohol before I go on a mission (always followed by an antidote) so I have improved attributes. But I must admit that I have an addiction to Elixir of Freedom produced at the Pleasure Place of Derketo.
I’m trying to quit … :wink:
In the north, however, I tried to get intoxicated with Amanita so as to cause me the berserker. Excellent eaten, but no effect :frowning_face:

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All I can think of is a Special Edition Conan, and I’m not feeling it…

Yeah I’ve been on this whole pescatarian health kick regiment, I mean I feel great and all but I don’t seem to get invited to parties any more. :man_shrugging:

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Deep down in your heart i know that you love me :joy:.

I like your idea, maybe good fo starters, to have extra strength and vitality but… Deep fishing is working better dude, plus you have extra grit, accuracy and charisma :wink:.

Well it depends … I mostly live in the desert and I have some problems with depth fishing :joy: