The things about conan exile i think are bad

Conan exile is a very good game, but its not excellent. and the reason its not, according to me, is because of the following reasons:

  1. Large map (which is nice) but far too few players on it. Very hard to find people to fight 1vs1, etc. You can also quite easily raid everyone on the map within not that long time. I prefer having fewer people if it means less lag. But optimal would be to find servers (or string together servers?) that are strong enough to hold atleast 100 people at a time.
  2. Fix the bugs and server lag/issues. Good example of bug; NPCs that are standing under a tent cant be damaged. you have to kite them out of the tent roof to kill them.
  3. Please remove and replace the catapult that needs to be constructed on site on a base. See one of my other posts about that.

Would make the game Epic if;

  1. Add even more late game stuff for people to do, apart from raiding everyone.
  2. Create a viable alternative to farming resources for getting stuff. NPC drop some good stuff but its just not anywhere near competitive to power farming.
  3. Dont add more spiders, ghosts, dragons, or other extreme fantasy or silly magic stuff. stick to things that are a little more realistic. The human NPC citys and villages are amazing.