The THRALL HUNTER LOCATION Guide. (new thralls)

since most of the maps are totally updated with the new stuff i decided to give a guide to those fellow thrall hunters out there. this is still an ongoing as more are found. feel free to post any new findings. ill try to keep it updated.


this group of thralls are found in front of vathis, in the praying area :

new thralls found :



female dancer (hot one)

armorer she also spawns in a bridge nearby where two archers spawns (one now being an armorer)


Armorer : (makes flawless freeboter armor)
tarris leatherbinder (he has 2 spawn points with some guards by the oasis are (3 lakes north of sepermeru) cant find screenshot.

taskmaster found this guy with my character while exploring :

NEW asargath / northerm grasslands.

chieftain fest. you can get , named archer , named fighter, carpenter, cook , taskmaster, tanner, armorer, smelter. the spawn point is 100% t4 spawn rate, get them while you can , i strongly believe funcom will change this to behave as the other T4s in the game.

there is also an archer called Dina, master huntress that a friend of mind found roaming the lake, with the broken aqueduct waterfall like thing. (near trappers cabin, unknow which spawn points generate her but should be nearby. )

i will need to keep things more organized. and will also reserve the a couple replies below.


south of scupper shelter
2 t4 fighter black hand spawns :

  • Ogra the headcleaver
  • astak wild-kin
  • hansel of the blue seas
  • ghuriel the wicked
  • freebooter marcus
  • yen of the feroucious wind
  • onis the quite angry
  • katerina of the wild seas

Crafter T4 alchemist lemurian random camps.
Sranka blacktooth

(thanks to Multigun for the heads up)

Canibal brute T4 fighters , it has a chance to spawn in every fighter thrall in the summoning place area, it can spawn as a woman or men, its not hard to notice as it is quite tall (just as any t4 from a purge.

lethdol Towx , Speaker of Asura. Priest .
(another one confirmed)
this one spawns in sinner refuge. at the end of the cave. quite rare to see him! .
thanks to multigun for the headsup.

happy hunting! .


new thralls to be updated soon!

for further update

and one more , just in case

Thank you. Can’t wait till it hits console.

Good thread.

I can confirm Dina (nordheimer archer t4) spawns around the lake near the broken aqueduc.
i found her as surprise while i was heading from new asagarth to freya’s hovel.

Well…Syra Brennerhet is still has small breast just like other T4 female Entertainer. :joy::joy:

Dina seems have different spawnpoints, if i’m right there about 3 in the same area, starting from the water where the little group is, up to the tower.
One still fighting the same old wolf, and die. Poor ! :wink:

I found 4 spots around the forest.

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marisa can you share locations ? i will update the main post, including the info you gathered, :slight_smile:

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Yes sure tomorrow will farm her some i will share photo of 4 spot

Now if only there was a decent T4 Named Female Fighter available in the volcano.
oh wait. . .

i have not heard or saw one yet. but iam keeping my eyes open, if you find one let us know please?

Dancers are actually pretty competent warriors these days.

…Oh, you said decent. Yeah, those dancers are pretty indecent. Sorry.

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4 Dina Master Hunter location I have found. :slightly_smiling_face:

Location 1 - x2 Dina



Location 2 - 1 Dina


Location 3 - 1 Dina

Location 4 - 1 Dina *Usually killed by a wolf :rofl:

She is just like Freya , So I think She won’t break Thralls farm rule :slightly_smiling_face:

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added t4 fighter cannibal brute , (check main post) kudos to @Multigun for the headsups.

added t4 named mitra priest (check main post) kudos to @multigun for the tip!

see we found one Chosen of Asura thrall, but @Multigun, i am still looking for this guy, Gilum’tun, Asuras Chosen. Anyone know where he can be found, and what type of thrall he is. Kind of want to put him to work :wink:

Alchemist, Exile, can only be spawned by admin currently because there isn’t a current Alchemist spawn for Exiles.

I fixed that in my thrall mods though, so if you use any of my Thrall mods, happy hunting :wink:

Alchemist is fitting. I will have to spawn it in for private in certain areas as a reward to the true grinders :slight_smile:

How long till 100 % Cheiftain spawn will be removed ? If it will remove in the next hot fix or something ?