The thrill is gone. Add some actual dangers

Official servers… Respect. I dont know how you people do it. If salty griefers weren’t enough, having to logg in every week or losing all progress on top of the lame difficulty settings ruined them for me.

I’m against this idea. Reason is to protect noobs,low level players and solo players. The sandstorm mask is a level 30 head piece. The sandstorm mask requires 30 steel bars and 1 Light helmet padding. Adding more dangers improves Large clans defenses. Alpha clans would gain more power. Attack while the sandstorm or other hazardous environments would give Alpha clans a huge edge against smaller clans.

I can respect that. I often have to remind others to think of how a total jerk would use the feature.

Also the most of the ideas presented here were geared toward high level zones. I’m not interested in griefing newbies.

Like I said, not everyone welcomes an actual challenge. Some prefer a more relaxed approach, wich is fine. To me overcoming harsh challenges is the essence of a survival game…

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Lets see you fight the Arena champion, vanilla

Record it, Im waiting…

Jade at JPG just brought this topic up on his latest video discussing the new map in speculation. I think that as it is this game relies on other players to create that peril and challenge.

I would like to see more environmental challenges but not to the point that its impossible to progress. There is a progression of difficulty in the biomes up until you get to max level and there is the drop because you continue to get stronger but nothing else keeps pace.

Lets have end game zones feel end game. Lets have dungeons that challenge max level players. We are getting a retail expansion in 2020, I want it to feel like its worth it.

It’s just tedious, not really all that hard. She just takes forever now that the 100% AP weapons were nerfed

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Read what I wrote again and then tell me where I said dungeonbosses were too easy? Is the Arenachampion roaming the exiled lands at night now?

Its not the topic I adressed at all… the open world lacks challenges. Nice roar though little Lionman :wink:

Jep, stumbled upon that vid too, 5 minutes after I posted this. :grin:

I was killed by a damn panther this weekend… Was looking how to climb down and got pushed down… Well, it was a fast way down :smiley:

And at the Mounds of the dead, near where the meteros can land, I was attacked by TWO demon sabertooth… Boy, did I run fast :smiley: :smiley:
1 is doable… But 2 at the same time, just chop you to pieces…

But this things are rather rare… So I get what you mean…

I also dont get, why these demon panthers from the trailer are only at 1 place (which is even in the starter area).

Could you elaborate on the mods? I would wan’t to enhance my single player experience.

You never even have to fight the Arena champion. Ever. Ever, Ever. So the toughest part of Conan Exiles is mitigated to a non essential players choice.

Sure, you can take a look at these for example:
PvE Plus Ambush:
Age of Calamitous: (there is also a singleplayer version).
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal:

I am pretty sure you can find more if you are looking for them :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ve been messing around with AOC and it seems tons of fun, just need to get used to the added variety of new resources.

I’m on XBox :sob:


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