The timer . kept you waiting huh?

hello survivors who are still alive!!

so. as you all know. the timer have been doubled. my question is simple when will they reset to the default timer of 167 hours?

because i cant play for sometime …

Until further notice means, if you are not English speaking, relatively indefinitely. Consider recruiting a friend to help with your decay. Good luck!


Thanks, I completely missed this post. I love surprises…

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Please also beware that when the timer changes back to 167, it can be somewhat mercurial. It is best to ensure someone’s watching your base when the change occurs. I don’t mean to keep bringing you down, but that’s the truth.

well .it’s too late. if I lose everything. I maybe go to a private server with mods

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I’ll keep a good thought for you. It looks like this change was made on Sept 1, so it’s a pretty fresh change.

In case anyone else is tracking this subject, or you are still, the linked thread is somewhat expected sever behavior.

thank you for all your answers. But I have the impression to believe that you want to humiliate me. may i know why? because I missed the article that talk about the timer. just for that ?..

Nothing intended other than aggregating your in-game problems with others’ so that they might gain from your negative experiences.


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