The timing of mining is sluggish

The sounds, actions and timing of mining a node is sluggish. Its a small thing, not a priority right now but still. While im mining i feel like im just slow and heavy.

I’m thinking its the sound isnt timed right with the graphic action, or the rock visually breaking apart. Does that make sense?

yes. I mean it makes sense. it seems to have a little lag, especially when the rock collapses.
The character hit sound is a bit late every time and the stone chips breaking too late. but when you absolutely done with one node it just collapses after the last hit almost like Right before that you start that new hit.
Conan universe is a dark place and they promissed sorcery so the telephat(et)ic abilities we got already :smiley:
just kidding guys don’t get me serrious. but this bug is real.

I am playing on Official PVE #2 Fast server.

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