The tools in her hand are gone??


mods? i dont think we have topless thralls in vanilla anymore.

To me that GIF looks like there is a blacksmith working at a carpenter’s workbench.
Should that thrall not have a ‘sawing’-animation?

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It could be one captured in the good old days.


This problem has been around for a long time

She has nothing in her hands

ok, so no mods installed. which thrall is this? maybe we can try to reproduce it.




He used the wrong tools:rofl:

These are all untamed thralls at their original spawn points, so far…

Hey @liaorui

We’re aware of this issue as it was reported a while ago. It’s been labelled as a non priority for the time being, although our team might revise it in the future.
Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for your reply, which let me see your serious and responsible attitude towards the game:+1:

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